Friday, 7 January 2011

My 8 weeks "Nonsense" journey

Time to wrap up for Obstetrics and Gynaecology posting
(15 Nov to 7 Jan)

Before the posting started, people had always psycho us saying this is the TOUGHEST posting
That you will be scolded everyday until you cried

I'm sort of immune even though I was told "Nonsense!" by Prof Z

My "Nonsense" journey for 8 weeks

Suturing workshop which I totally sucks at it
But it was fun!
I still have no idea about the knot

Green ward Operation Theatre (OT) day is every Tuesday
This is me in ladies changing room before stepping into the freezing theatre
Witnessed Caesarean sections, TAHBSO, hysteroscopy and LAVH

All right this is weird...
Me and Izzati, my running friend
Outside the theatre

Hospital UKM Labour Room
Where we need to rotate our shift either 7am to 7pm OR 7pm to 7am
This place reminds me of all the smell of liquor, blood and meconium!

This is how the labour room looks like
My shift members : Janaki and Hajar
As you can see, there is door, curtain, chair...
That bed is for pregnant woman to give birth
On the right is a warmer, where we put the baby after he/she was born to prevent hypothermia
The computer is for us to look at partogram of the patient and also the other patients in other room
There are still lots of stuff in here to tell
This is where those baby first welcome to the world 

In lecture hall where the lecturers always late

Ending my posting having a patient called Siling Bocor on the bed I'm responsible to look after 

All thanks to my supervisor, Prof Hatta and all my other group members throughout these 8 weeks!

1 week break before we head of to our last posting for 3rd year - Surgery!



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