Sunday, 30 January 2011

Flooding in process

I'm in Segamat, Johor now!
Reporting at 4pm right now from my house, where the river lies behind just right there
Yeah, there only!

The rain is yet to be stopped and is getting heavier
History of Johor flood year 2006 is repeating

This is my post on year 2006 about the flood

Walked out of the house with my brother
The uneven road out there, our feet totally sink into the water already

This is not a daring act
The milk tea looking water is Sungai Segamat, in case you are curious
Yeah, rubbish lying around the river bank

Panorama view from my house back balcony
Was taken at 3.30pm

After that my family decided to drove away the cars to a house owned by my grandpa that yet to be rent to anyone
Dad and bro drove 4 cars there and left one at home
Along the way, we can see people closing their shops, moving their stuffs to the other places, cars along the road getting impatient

In the car with my brother

Filling petrol
Petrol station is also another stop with lots of people 

Taken at 6pm
The water is rising fast
Stop raining please!

Will update soon

Floody love


Isaac Tan said...

oh no, i hope it doesn't affect your house?

Xu Vin said...

youch flood!

btw, love ur current blog layout! it looks sophisticated yet fun :P

crazywrazy said...

milk tea looks yummy LOL! qiwen go drink more!


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