Monday, 24 January 2011

Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's Pizza
(Sunway Pyramid)

Let starts with something that you can't eat but to drink and swallow!

Typically this was my Sunday brunch with my cousins and uncle
Were there at around 11.10am, guess we were the first customer 
Well, who would want to eat pizza once you just roll out of your cozy bed and blanket

Cream of Mushroom
Cousin's must-order appetizer everywhere she goes

Self must-have beverage in my daily list
Iced coffee
The naked coffee came full in the glass
I was supposed to add in sugar and creamer to get the taste right
BUT, it is full, how to pour in-LAH...
After thinking for some times, I end up sipping the "naked" coffee before I give it a blend of taste

Simply Cheese
Listed under Specialty Pizza in the menu
The name says it all, it is simply just Mozzarella Cheese
This is the cheesiest thing that I loved the most!
I can eat this all they long without turning into a mouse or hating cheese
*floating in heaven with cheese*
6" Original RM11.20

Pepperoni Pizza
Listed under Classic Pizza in the menu
Pure pleasure of only pepperoni and cheese melting in your mouth
6" Original RM11.20

Bell peppers, garlic sauce, tomato sauce
Traffic lights colour combination!

I guess I just love the sauce so much that I almost cover the whole piece of pizza with the sauce
I didn't try the bell peppers, not my favourite
I mix the tomato sauce and the garlic sauce
It turn out I lost count how many pieces of pizza I got into my calorie counter

Something else other than just pizza!

Pizza Pocket

This is how it looks like once served

Chicken and Mushroom Pizza Pocket
There are grilled chicken, mushrooms, cheese, garlic sauce and special pizza sauce
The best part is the crunchy part at the edge of the pastry
Recommended to try this if you are there

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza Pocket
This is the choice if you hate chicken so much or you just love chicken too much that you don't want to hurt them

Pizza-ly Love


Hilda Milda™ said...

What I love the most abt Papa John's pizza are their crispy pepperonis! :D

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

neveer try papa John's pizza be4 , seems nice . Shall try it 1 day . haha =D


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