Thursday, 6 January 2011

Premiere Screening & Garden Cafe

A very messy way for Connie and I yesterday from Taman Midah to e@Curve

All thanks to Nuffnang for 2 tickets to premiere screening for Season of the Witch in Cathay Cineplex at e@Curve
I brought Connie with me!
Skipped about how we get there by a super pricey executive taxi in a rainy days with jam in almost every road in KL

I'm not good in doing a movie review, perhaps the next post?

Tickets claimed for Nuffnang counter
We just watched a few hours earlier than all the other Malaysians
The show starts at 9.45pm and ended around 11.10pm
I didn't know much about other Nuffnangers inside the cinema and they didn't know minority like me either

Only get to know Kian Fai and his friend, Connie (We brought the friend with the same name)

I think it is my comfortable for me to blog about food than movie

We spotted Garden at The Street linking The Curve and e@Curve
A very romantic and nicely decorated lifestyle store and cafe 

Pastas section of the menu
Speaking about prices, I think this is a very personal opinion
Based on my personal experience with pasta (like I tried it almost every place), this one was well recommended and I think the price was not bad

Grilled Barramundi
A great try because Connie risked her taste buds by ordering this
Very fresh and not fishy at all
Love it with the sauce! 

Spaghetti Marinara
With mussels, prawns and clams mixed with basil sauce
I licked the plate empty!
Blame the sauce
It is not like any other pasta sauce that taste so salty that you wouldn't want to eat anymore or getting full too fast 

A well recommended place for couples out there!
Lovely right?

In the menu:
Why they called it Garden...

Something in the menu
So sweet and lovely

Once again, bring your loved one there with you!



Kian Fai said...

I was wondering "Garden" is at Mid Valley "Garden" is it? lulz!!! Well good post! XD Haunt more nice foody ya!


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