Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Until the end, I just pick something simple as my layout. Kind of tired of scrolling down and clicking in different free blogger layout websites. I guess simple is cool at this generation huh? For the first time my blog is not so pink, not so purple, not so flowery..

One thing I still don't understand : 
Why they double my blog post? I set it to 8 posts per page, then it turn out 2 times 8 posts that repeat all over again

Put that aside, I was actually quite upset and disappointed with the responds given by fellow Malaysians regarding the #tanyanajib that was held from 4.30pm to 6pm in Twitter yesterday. Initially when it just started, I thought this was a great idea for Malaysians to speak out and get everything back to the right track as our Prime Minister was able to answer what has been a question mark to us. Somehow, some took the opportunity to criticizes irrelevant topics, which I don't have to mention here. Read it up in malaysiakini :

Can I advertise my Twitter for a second?
(lol, ambil kesempatan!)

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Xu Vin said...

nice layout :D

and yeah its weird that all ur blog posts are doubled.


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