Friday, 21 January 2011

TGI Friday's

After Snowflake and more shopping around Padini, Forever 21, Nichii, Cotton On and Diva
Time to stop for dinner!

I love the eating part than shopping, like seriously!

TGI Friday's, Pavilion
(It was Wednesday that day)

November Sea Breeze
"A sparkling sweetened blend of lime with apple and cranberry juices, topped with soda over ice"

Nice wey!
When you first slurped in, it is sweet and then there is a hint of sourness by the time you're swallowing it
Just the right timing to blend in the taste! 

A MUST-order appetizer whenever I visit TGIF
Fried Mac and Cheese
One irresistible dish! 
The arrangement is not nice this time (oopsie!) 

Fried Mac & Cheese
See the macaroni and the thick cheese in there

 Outrageous Sliced BBQ Beef Tacos
Very thick BBQ sauce with Pepper Jack cheese on the beef wrapped in tortillas
See those brownish slices?
Crunchy fried onions, thumbs up!

 Double-stack Chicken Quesadillas
This one it served with herb rice, salsa sauce, guacamole and sour cream
Very fulfilling dish
For me, the portion is big and I'm super bloated after having that

Double-stack, just like its name!

Cheese-ly Love


~Snowman~ said...

YUMMY! I love cheese!

xing said...

the mac and cheese is my all time favourite. and the quesadillas gave me chills cuz last time people forced me to finish the whole bowl. its very filling. hmmm.


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