Sunday, 9 January 2011

Had. Still. Want to.

On the 9th day of New Year, my true love send to me resolutions

Late resolutions because I have been putting up in a long list this time
Trying to see which one is the priority
End up I just want everything

Let's do some review on my list for year 2010 and then what's my endless list have to say

In 2010, I had : 
#1 Lose weight 
(I choose to put this on top of the list because it was the most satisfactory thing I ever did)

#2 Start to love running and jogging

#3 Experienced quarantine during H1N1

#4 Tried flying fox and rock climbing

#5 No longer staying in hostel!

#6 Done my posting in a small town called Tanjong Karang

#7 Had lots of cockles

#8 Found my shopping partner and foodie

#9 Hold babies! (Yay!)

#10 Won some cash (now no more already)

#11 Tried something new called sharks

#12 Had food poisoning!

I am still :
#1 Living a teenage dream 
(Don't go figure it out my age leh, let me dream)

#2 Afraid of spider and cockroaches

#3 Trying to figure it out the right way to hold a chopsticks
(Even though I like how I use it now)

#4 Sleeping with my stuff toys
(I have 2 dogs, 1 Nemo, 1 giraffe, 3 big bears, 1 lion, 1 pillow-sized dog)

#5 Having a black long hair
(I have been telling my mom that I want to dye my hair, negative respond anyway)

#6 Not fit for any run competition yet!
(Not even a 5km run)

#7 Hardly figuring out lyrics when listening to songs

#8 Living pendrive-less

#9 Dummies in photoshop
(Can't even stick my face on the blog header =.=")

#10 Can't cook and can't swim
(Yeah, not really related, only applies during FLOOD)

#11 Same laggy laptop since 2008

#12 Hate Twilight
(No offend)

#13 Love cute stuff especially minions!

#14 Single

#15 a God believer

#16 Snoozed off after coffee

This year, I want :
#1 Stop complaining so much
(I blah, blah, blah a lot)

#2 Reduce my coffee intake
(Less likely will be successful)

#3 Be a smart shopper

#4 Do my elective posting in East Malaysia
(crossing my fingers)

#5 Finish every run that I can join

#6 Be gentle to my laptop

#7 Post less status in Facebook
(this is important)

#8 Learn sign language

#9 Learn how to wake up easily

#10 In a relationship with my book and stay loyal

#11 Stop blogging lame stuff
(no choice)

#12 Eat less fast food
(I just called my parents to get me McDonalds)

#13 Travel to a new place

Happy Birthday, bro!
(Blue - Colour of Chelsea)


Half Naked Latte © said...

wow! you really planned everything out don't you? :P

Xu Vin said...

nice read :D

Huan Ching said...

hey dear,like ur new year goals! i wana go bornea after my thesis also n like ur goal in learning sign language! special!


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