Monday, 10 January 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

I want to be in The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race, badly!

Why I would love to be part of this race?
Good question!
Because I have been dreaming about it.
I want it so bad that I dream of it almost every night...

Let me express my dream using old school drawing style

 Self introduction
Hi, I'm Qi Wen a.k.a Eli

Being a Maxis Angel, I'm lucky
Because Maxis Angel is given top priority in this race

This is how my dream starts

I can see myself running towards food right now
Can't wait to be served, take a picture, eat it and blog about it!

Don't believe?
Click on Food at the top near my blog header
You'll be introduced and recommended all about food (mostly KL areas)

This is all the food that I had tried and blog about so far
Still have a lot that doesn't fit in here
All you need to know is that I love Food, I love Blogging & I have been Maxis-er since I had my first mobile phone!

Did I tell you that we get to use iPhone 4, the Finder301 Application and Wireless Broadband throughout the race?

Yes, you didn't see this wrong!

Maxis Finder301 Application is a 
location-based app provides you with information on food, restaurants, ATMs, banks, clinic, police stations more around you! 
If you are a foodie (like me!),  Finder301 has the LARGEST food listings in Malaysia (mouth wide open with amazement!) and it'll help you find great food around you. 
No worries about phone numbers, addresses, food reviews and map to get there!

SIGN UP to be a FINDER301 contributor and you'll be able to share your comments on the food places you have been. Check it out here :

Other than that, we will be given Maxis Wireless Broadband during the race as well!

Before thinking of winning, I did run through a scan on myself in my dreamland to double confirm I am eligible to be in the race
Even though I have an 'S' size (yeah, my T-shirt size) body, small head, not-tall-at-all height, I still have lots of space in my tummy to fill all those FOOD.. *Bring it on!*
What's more important than the stomach now?
The center of creativity - The Brain
I guess this is what Nuffnang wants before I can head to the race...

Other than Food, the grand prize did attract me to make this blog even more interesting

3D2N trip to Hong Kong with 5-star accommodation worth RM 10,000 PLUS HTC Desire Z (1 per winning member!)

 *I see my team on the flight now*

For now, it is all a DREAM
Nuffnang, can you be my Fairy Godmother this time? 

Time for team introduction!

This is my team for The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race!

Food Hunter Roar!
*I think I need a better introduction*
*scroll down please*
 They are the reason why I want to be in the race as well!
Meeting new people in my life

The random people I team up for the race!
My team consist of myself (Eli), Doris, Melissa and Ching Yih!

*You can click on their name and you will be directed to their talented world - their blog*

The team slogan :
We Eat & Roar To The Top!

What inspires me so badly that I want to be part of the race?

 Quoted from High School Musical 3, by Gabriella Montez

 -The End-



-JayLeo™- said...

awesome post ! =D

xing said...

hey! you win for the creativity haha! nice one and good luck to u and ur member!!

SiMon Har said...

nice! great effort from you! good luck!

melmonica said...

Eli!!! After seeing your post, I will ganbatte do mine & make sure team Food Hunter Roarr! will enter this contest.

I loveeee you already!!!!!! Xoxo!

Doris Lai said...

Great post !!! Hope all team Food Hunter Roarr will be selected.

meichi said...

love how you did this post...creative and good luck on winning... n__n

bendan said...

This is so great!! Gambateh!! Hope u win... all the best! =]

Hilda Milda™ said...

So cuteeee one! All the best yeah!


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