Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Last Clinic Day

Yeap, it is already the 8th week, the very last week for the 65 of us to stay in O&G department

Wednesday is Green ward clinic day
It will be our last day with our supervisor in clinic
Initially, my group which consist of 5 of us were terrified thinking my supervisor wanted us to present 2 cases and checked our logbook

But, hey!
He was nice throughout the clinic
We were terrified because he was super strict during ward round all the time

My group members for 8 weeks!
From left:
Janaki, Qi Wen (me!), Hiang Jin (Ketua Green Ward), Hajar (Group leader), Prof.Hatta (Our supervisor), Kak Mah

Great to have you guys as a team!



hajar said...

it was last day for O&G posting for me... will miss this posting...

Kian Fai said...

owh u is in clinic line, didnt know that =P


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