Saturday, 27 November 2010


Midnight show with my friends (Vin, Pei Sun, Kevin, Shalisha, Sugan, Dewi & Viknesh) watching Tangled Rapunzel

I'm not a barbie doll lover when I was a kid
But I love classic Disney cartoons
From Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast to Tarzan & Mulan
Nowadays Disney came up with lots and lots of musical and cartoons

But nothing beat the classic cartoons!

It brought me back to my childhood year when I watched Rapunzel
Cinderella was not my favorite after all, it is Rapunzel
Yeah, just because of her hair
Rarely people see me with short hair, seriously
That is why I love Rapunzel since I was a kid

That perception was long long time ago
For now, I think I fall in love with her eyes more than her hair
And I started to think it was quite sickening to have such LONG hair

Other than her eyes, I totally addicted to the song "I See the Lights" by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi
One very beautiful soundtrack
It just climbed up my favourite list, head to head with Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dione and Peabo Bryan 

Worth watching!

I See the Lights

Looking for a sidekick?
You will love Maximus!

The most beautiful scene in the movie
An annual ceremony for the lost princess

See the similarity here?
Above: The Little Mermaid (Ariel and Eric)
Below: Tangled (Eugene a.k.a Flynn and Rapunzel)
Another similarity was, Ariel got Sebastian while Rapuzel got Pascal

Yeap, that is Pascal..
The frying pan plays a very BIG role in the movie as well

My favorite in the movie.. Maximus!

The part that touched my heart in the movie was not the part they found love or she met her parents
It was the part where he father, the King had his tears rolled down his cheek before the ceremony flying up the lantern "lights" for his lost princess of 18 years



Ijan said...

maximus, hero of the day!
pascal, the cute little green 'frog'.
yup, i think i love her big eyes too =)

Ielane said...

Yea totally love this movie!
Plus,the part starting from the King dropped his tears till thousands of lantern lit the sky, is my favourite part!

Xu Vin said...

Maximus!!! my fav too! hehehhe.. i thought pascal's a chameleon hehe.


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