Saturday, 13 November 2010

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!

I guess this is a very late introduction but I will still go on to tell a bit about

This cute baby blue with big round eyes bird represents ChurpChurp
Cute right?

What is ChurpChurp?

An ultimate integrated social media solution that rewards for influencers' updates.

What you have to do to be part of ChurpChurp?

Only 3 basic steps to start earning the rewards!
1. Sign up with ChurpChurp
2. Approve assess to and 
3. Choose your preference for tobacco/alcohol related assignments, and disclaimers for scheduled tweets

Assignments will be sent to your email or you can directly check it out in ChurpChurp after you log in. There will be a brief guidelines to write about the campaign. After composing the tweet, it will be sent for approval. Once your tweet is approved and published, you will be credited with cash rewards!

Why you guys should be part of ChurpChurp?

Be part of the ChurpChurp community, you can:

Make Friends (more and more)
Spread the message!
You might know first hand messages/news before everyone else and tell them!
If you are lucky, who knows you found your Love??
Did I tell you they have lots of activity? Yes, you might found your Passion here!

What kind of activities that I wanted to see ChurpChurp organize in the future?

Hmm... Very hard..

Kite flying? Done! I totally missed it.
Fly Kite Day was done in Taylor Lake Side Campus during mid October

Let's see what we can else we can do together....

What about Ballon Flying Day?
Of course environment friendly balloon, no harm to the environment
These plain looking balloon might scared the birds on the sky
Maybe I should re-create something better

ChurpChurp cute bird-shaped balloon flying(environmental friendly as well!)
Even the birds in the sky can make friends with our balloons
They may love to fly with them to, up in the sky
ChurpChurp hot air balloon, letting all Churpers experience the feeling high in the sky
Churpers and birds can make friends too!
It is one of the way to advertise about ChurpChurp and spread the words from the sky

We can go hiking together, leaving footprints of Churpers 
We can go underwater and snorkeling

If you love something more daring and fun, try this!

Be part of ChurpChurp today, you will never know what you will gain. But for sure, you got nothing to lose!
Join ChurpChurp now!

Never leave this page without even clicking this: ChurpChurp



Yann said...

but sad I never receives any assignment from churpchurp lol.


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