Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Inniters Pre-CNY Lou Sang Gathering!

It is Chinese New Year eve now
Thank God the flood is over, the electricity supply is back!
So, it is time to put those unfortunate stuff aside and it's my turn to blog about the bloggers' gathering last Friday
Imagine we had almost 30 blogposts about the gathering and I am among the late one now

Date: 28th January 2010
Time: 8pm
Venue: Sri Melaka Restaurant, One Utama (New Wing)

(Few days before the gathering)

My confession: I'm very nervous but at the same time I'm excited about it. All these while I had only see pictures of bloggers meeting up in some events. But I have never been there and I want to experience it, badly.

On the day itself

I had indigestion and abdominal pain after lunch which lead me to a very discomfort situation. I went to take a nap at 2pm, set my alarm at 3pm. Woke up feeling much better and prepared myself for the gathering. Have to dig into my wardrobe searching for something RED. Yeah, we have dress code set by Carmen, RED.

I did not bring camera and my phone battery is not promising. Pictures are courtesy of the other bloggers. For bloggers, you might see the same pictures in others' blogs

Jayren drove 3 of us to One Utama

Jayren reached at my placed at 4.50pm with Jessy. Then we went to One World Hotel to pick Tikkoss and head all the way to One Utama. We reached there nearly 6pm and settled ourselves in Old Town Kopitiam (for me, it was more like a ice breaking session). LOL at how Tikkoss ordered the toast, he just pointed at every pictures in the menu, turned out 1 double toast, 1 single toast, some is peanut butter, some is kaya.

(Picture courtesy of yenniedoll aka Evelyn)

Bernard and Evelyn joined us later. They were there earlier in Starbucks, eventually we planned not to be their lamp post. More people joined us later, including Kian Fai, Henry Lee a.k.a Clever Munkey, Jiayeen and He-Must-Not-be-Named.

(Picture courtesy of yenniedoll)
With the girls, Jiayeen, myself, Jessy, Evelyn

We went all the way to Tutti Frutti to look for Henry Tan a.k.a Baboon. Then we splited because some of them want to "press" money and we were looking for ATM.

Was quite surprised that the round table in Restoran Sri Melaka was quite small. Nothing impossible for us, we still squeezed in and end up having 4 tables, conquered half of the restaurant!

Some of them know Qi Wen but not sure who Eli is
Some of them know Eli but not sure who Qi Wen is

Sorry for the confusion, I'm both (LOL - look blog header)
Whoever that haven't add me in Twitter, here it is @qiwenism

(Picture courtesy of Baboon)
First half of the people in my table

(Picture courtesy of Baboon)
Second half of the people in my table
Cayenne, Bernard, Evelyn, Jessy
Behind: Spectre, Henry Lee 

Halfway through the dinner, somebody in my table suggested that we should have a toss
Suddenly, they bursted our a loud YUMMMMM SEENNNNGGG
I was so shy that time because everyone turned their head and looked at us

Let's take a look at the dishes that my table ordered:

Looks yummy to you?

Sweet and sour chicken

Mango kerabu

Sizzling tofu
*The picture is getting blurred, so hungry that I can't wait to eat already, hands shaking*

Pandan chicken
*More blur!*

Before moving on to the most important agenda - the Yee Sang, let's have some introduction!
30+ bloggers attended the gathering!

I think Baboon has the best picture for bloggers introduction

Top left: Henry Tan aka Baboon, Simon Har, Shah aka Tehtarik Drinker, Elias
Top right: (introduced once above) Jayren, Tony, Henry Lee, me, Tikkoss
Middle: Cayenne, Spectre, Bernard, Henry Lee, Evelyn, Jessy
Bottom left: Yeeing, Li Chuen, Stephanie, Labi
Bottom right: Jiayeen, Edwin, Henry Tan

(Picture courtesy of Sher)
Standing from left: Evelyn, Simon, Melissa, Nana, Jayren (far right)
Sitting from left: Kahmon, Sher, Jessy, me, Tikkoss, Cayenne, Tony, Henry Lee, Bernard, Xing the organiser (middle)

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
The sweet and loving couple, Carmen and Joey

In general, we are bloggers
Specifically, we are all Nuffnangers
More precisely, we are Inniters!
In conclusion, we are just a BIG family

The blockbuster of the day

Mind you, this cost RM60
For the sake of having FUN, the outcome is totally uncivilized
But, who cares as long as it is fun!

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
This is what we called, RM40 inside and RM20 outside

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
A group picture is a MUST!
We blocked the road while taking this picture

(Picture courtesy of Jayren)
Photographers of the day
From digital camera to DSLR to Samsung Tab!
They are just so awesome
The only camera I have is the one in my phone

This is not the end yet!
Some of us had a after-dinner drinks in SS2 Kayu Penang Nasi Kandar (I think this is the name, not very sure)

(Picture courtesy of Xing - the awesome organiser)
Carmen posing with the super roti tissue while the others were paying attention to what Tony said at the back!

I want to thank ALL of the bloggers there, you guys are AWESOME!
I am very shy lah~ sorry lor!
Thanks to Xing for organising this legendary gathering with the bloggers!

Ending this post with Nuffnang pose!

Till we meet again

Bloggery Love


xing said...

wah super detail post! and dont need to keep mentioning i'm awesome organizer la. make me paiseh already...hehe. i think everyone did part of the organizing.

Nana Eddy said...

too bad we didn't get the chance to chat more. Say hi to me when u see me next time, okay!

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Nice and detailed pose ! You are funny ! haha =p

lyCayenne said...

hi qi wen! :)) you guys really put effort to link and name everyone up. gosh.. :P happy chinese new year to you!


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