Friday, 4 February 2011

2nd Day of Bunny Year!

The mood certainly changed once my cousins, aunt and uncle were back yesterday evening
Due to the flood, I thought I would not see them this Chinese New Year
(Sounds so tragic)
Glad that they are here now, taking the longer route back

2nd day of tong tong chiang!

 Homely steamboat awaits us
Calling us from our bed already

My second time lou sang for the year
The first one was with my fellow bloggers

Introducing the Virus Gang!
Qi Tyng & Tze Lun
My cousins from KL
Pictures taken when we were visiting our grandaunts and relatives

  Brother Tze Xian and yours truly, Qi Wen
Find similarities in our names?

Dinner in Yinsin Win, Segamat Baru

Grandma & grandpa

 Daddy & Mommy

 3rd uncle and aunty

2nd uncle not coming back this year and Qi Tyng is the representative

Youngest aunt and uncle

Lou yee sang again!
My 3rd lou sang
As my brother always said, once you lou, you'll get 1 time "KAT"
This year I kept saying "Go around the world in less than 80 days!"

 The adults' table
They lou until very civilized one

About food during CNY!
I'll blog again next time....

Happy Bunny Years!

Bunny Love



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