Thursday, 24 February 2011

BFF outing in Pavilion

Our Wednesday class (23rd Feb) was cancelled and we had the whole day free
The Twitterists (people that tweet) planned to runaway from hospital

Our stop - Pavilion KL

Introduction first!

Top (left to right): Syud, Janaki a.k.a karat
Bottom (left to right): Siti, yours truly

We had lunch in Tony Romas

My fiery chicken cajun sandwich!
Heart the onion rings to the MAX!
The French fries portion is awesome but at the same time too much already

Syud and Siti's Swiss Chicken Sandwich
(I didn't know the real name of this menu. They told me is something like that)

Janaki a.k.a perempuan karat's half BBQ chicken

After that we went to watch Sanctum!

If you like adventurous movie and follow along their tough and heartfelt journey, this is the movie for you
I'm not a good movie reviewer, so I leave you guys to search for other professional reviews

Janaki and I went into Parkson while the others went for prayers
We tried this heels that caught our eyes
Love the bling bling and the design there

The price?

Syud, Siti and I
We were waiting for Nadhira to join us

Yours truly, Janaki, Syud and Nadhira
Finally Nad is with us

A picture before we go

What special about this BFF outing?


More gossip!!!

More breaking news about who and who together!!

More news about who and who broke up!!

Still discussing why who and who can be together!



Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Great friend with great movie and great outing . Definitely awesome ! The heel is nice , and the food is tempting . =p

Mr Lonely said...

nice food.. XD

Xu Vin said...

woohoo great girls day out! :D

Isaac Tan said...

was sanctum nice??


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