Thursday, 17 February 2011

What dream is this?

A reminder:
It is just a DREAM

Damn excited when I get a call from my friend saying that today class cancelled!
Jumped out of bed directly and get ready
(padahal no class pun!)

Then I was in several cars full of people 
Cheering and shouting "Are we there yet?!"
We reached at a beach, a super clean windy beach

Now, WHO are those people cheering and shouting just now
My fellow bloggers!

Being so blur in the dream
I suddenly shouted "We can go rock climbing!"
Then everyone went to that so-called rock climbing place

Before anyone climb up, I heard Raymond Lam Fung singing
I almost go so angry and said "That is not the right song to climb!"

All right, it is actually my alarm waking me up

Yeah, I'm here now awake 
With no beach, no bloggers, no rock climbing!



Isaac Tan said...

lol!! blog addict!

But its a good thing yea!


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