Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Time to spread some loves

In a gush of wind, Valentine is over but don't stop the love

How many of us realize about cervical cancer?
Guys, don't shrug when you see this. You may not have a chance to get this, but this is haunting your beloved until prevention was done

Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC)
(What is this?)

A disease awareness campaign against cervical cancer that is launched by National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). This advocates women to take the first step towards protecting themselves against cervical cancer via vaccination and regular pap smears.

POCC aims to continuously educate women on cervical cancer and the risk factors of the disease.

A Quick View about Cervical Cancer

  •  3rd most common cancer among Malaysian women and 3 women was diagnosed with cervical cancer everyday
  •  Awareness of cervical cancer in Malaysia is very low
  •  Cervical cancer is preventable! (This is a very good news!)

This is the Key Messaging in 2010/2011 for this cause :

  • Best Friends Forever (BFF) - if we're going to be BFFs, you're going to have to help with the forever part
  • Protect yourself and your best friends against cervical cancer
For the guys, with the knowledge and awareness that you have, you can protect your girlfriends!

What I hope is to have support from all of you guys for this event.

Just visit the POCC website and make a PLEDGE to enter the Malaysia Book of Records!
You will only have to submit your details and a picture as your pledge to fight against cervical cancer. 

ALL the pictures will be displayed on the Largest Pink Party @ Zouk KL to witness the support and love of everyone of you and at the same time to list it in Malaysia Book of Records 

Thank you




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