Monday, 14 February 2011

You're the one I love

It is love sharing day

Just an hour plus conversation with my Mom on the phone
She was telling me what was happening in my hometown, some after flood incidents
Then something hilarious popped out and I couldn't stop laughing on the phone

It started with me playing my Dad's phone and took a picture of my Mom while she was applying the cucumber-like eye masks
My Dad was so bored and he browsed through the phone and clicked on something that he was not sure what he did
Turn out that picture as his wallpaper!
And he didn't know how to remove it 

My Mom was complaining to me that my Dad has been saying "Hantu" whenever he on his phone and see the wallpaper
She told me to help my Dad to remove it when I got home

Let's see, I will only be home around end of March or early April
Wonder how many times my Dad going to say "Hantu"


Since everyone is kind of talking about Valentine Day, I want to have something for my blog too
It is sweet when my Mom told me how she sayang me until hangus (sek dou nong)
I love you too!
To Daddy too, you're so cute lah~ Make Mommy laughs more when I'm not home K?
*Even though I know they won't read this*

For all of you reading this too!

Other than that, dining with friends on these day is wonderful too!

Feel so sweet right now



Kian Fai said...

Happy Valentine to you! Sweet scents surround you everyday =)

Metzelder Siow said...

Enjoy the day :D

aLeX WinD WolF said...

gimme their phone number...
i call n tell them wat u said...XD

aLeX WinD WolF said...

gimme their number...
i'll call n tell them wat u wanna say...XD

Isaac Tan said...

Aww I love you tooooooo! Happy Valentine's Day Eli!!

~Snowman~ said...

awww! love u too! =P Happy Valentine Day! =)

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Nice nice ! Happy Valentine's day ! love you too ! Very sweet of you ! =D


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