Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Burlesque Premiere Screening

Dedicate my 400th post to Burlesque Premiere Screening!

First and foremost, thank you to Nuffnang for having this premiere screening of Burlesque
Thank you to Jayren for inviting me to the screening!

After the confusion of whether to collect the tickets or to dine with the bloggers first
Finally, we reached Mid Valley at 7.30pm and directly heading to GSC
Luckily the traffic is not heavy, because someone took the wrong road and we turned again
There was no Nuffnang counter set up yet but the people already start making their own line facing somewhere random where the table will most probably placed later

Besides hoping to get a good seat, these people are hoping the be the early one to grab the free gifts

The most messy ticket collection ever!
The "da cheong" scene
Can see Henry aka Baboon at the back smiling so happily

I love the ticket!
So much better than the one I went last time watching Season of the Witch
E6 is a seat near the back, in the center, beside the railing

Picture courtesy of Jayren
Yours truly and Jayren
He won the tickets actually, thank you!

Picture courtesy of Jayren
Joey, Tikkos and Carmen
The colours of their outfit match the ticket

After collecting tickets at 8pm, we had dinner together in Food Junction as the movie starts at 9pm

Picture courtesy of Carmen
Other ticket winners and their partner
Mimi (Nana's sis), Nana, Wilee, Liki, Liki's brother, Tony (at the back), myself, Jayren, Carmen

Those who were there and not in the picture
Xing and her bf, Tikkoss' friend - Alice, Shannon and Jackie

Picture courtesy of Carmen
This picture with the dark background make us looks like we were in some Chinatown or night market
The extra person in the picture holding 2 tickets is Tikkoss

Picture Courtesy of Carmen
Before we were awe by Burlesque
Me, Jayren, Carmen, Henry Tan, Shereen

About the movie, Burlesque
I'm not planning to write a review as there are a lot can be find in the Net

Christina Aguilera as Ali
Her voice rocks to max, who doesn't want to have that voice that can lift up the halfway rolling down stage curtain
I first know her with her song "Genie in the bottle" and start loving her when she sang "Reflection" in Mulan

She is really a legend, Cher as Tess
Directly fall in love with her solo in the movie "You Haven't See The Last of Me"

One of the reason why I didn't close my tired eyes in the cinema is this hot guy here
Cam Gigandet as Jack

The guy that has lots of property but not my type
Yeah, so what if you have that big house, skyscraper and money
I don't have good impression about this character
Oh ya, Eric Dane as Marcus

This is one of the goodies for those in the front of the "da cheong" aka war-like queue just now
Jayren got it and gave it to me, since he said it is a girly stuff

 Finally I got a mirror in my bag
Previously was thinking to get one from a RM1.90 store 

Awesome movie if you like songs and sexy dances!
Out in cinema on the 17th February 2011

Burlesque-ly Love


Kian Fai said...

wow I think this is the first movie screening that can see alot of people that you know right? =)

Happy Cho-7. And Happy Ren Ri!

HenRy LeE ® said...

jayren should put it in his bag too use also mah... hahahaha

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Kian Fai: yeah, still got Xing and her bf, but not in the pic..

Henry Lee: haha, yalor.. guys need mirror also what..

Isaac Tan said...

I was there too! but didn't know anyone there :(

anyway nice movie!! :)

TikkoSS said...

how can i say. .very nice movie with very nice crowd.. more importantly get to meet all of u again!

Nana Eddy said...

I am happy I went for the lou sang gathering. now I can go to screenings and know people I bumped into :)

Xu Vin said...

awesome! :D definitely out of the world from medical related things. ;P

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

You are welcome la ! haha ! thanks so many time ! no need so ke qi with me 1 . haha . =D


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