Sunday, 6 February 2011

How could this happened to me?

Now only I want to show you guys my winning Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid with RM100 credits (All thanks to Nuffnang =D)
I left in KL during the CNY break
No idea how to activate, so I'm going to leave until the review day on Wednesday in Hilton Hotel

Trying to recharge my newest mobile among the old collection mobiles for my Tune Talk sim card
It turned out the battery expanding after few minutes charging
Damn scary whey!
I stopped charging, afraid there is explosion

 Can't even cover it back
My mom told me to take out the battery
Now I don't have a phone for my Tune Talk sim card

Another sad thing - I have to remove my nail polish today
Class starts tomorrow
Bye bye pink and red fingernails!



HenRy LeE ® said...

WOAH U SO LUCKY! now u can call anyone with that 100 bucks credit! call me! LOL :p

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wah ! dangerous whey ! dont use that phone ah ! =D

Hilda Milda™ said...

I'm still in the process of getting it activated, so annoying ):

Kian Fai said...

LOL Explode! Means Huat?? =P


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