Thursday, 17 February 2011


This is really overdue
It happened on 31st January night to 1st February in my hometown, Segamat, Johor
By the way, to those of you who text me or came to me asking about my house during the flood
Thank you so much for the concern!
Thanks thanks

It was hard to explain how's the flood though
The toughest part is cleaning the mud sticking on the floor after the water subsided
I even get mild sunburnt from cleaning the house garden with my Dad and Bro

I got pictures standing in the middle of my house garden with water near my knee level under the rain helping my Dad collecting those useful stuff that was floated away until they were stucked at my house gate. Too bad it was in my Mom's phone.

Let the pictures do all the talking that may answer most of your concerns

Pre-flood, save everything you can from damage!

In case you're curious, the water did covered half of my piano after that! 

Rescued my dog to stay in the balcony 

The "No Hope" moment when the water finally sneaked into my house
This was around 11pm 

Water level the next morning around 10am
My grandma woke up quite early at 5am, she told us that the water level covered the whole red tin you see on the right 
Oh ya, this is my house garden that can fit 100 people for BBQ!

New empty shop lots behind my house
Years ago, there were only trees and monkeys
They cut down all the trees and build a bridge and those shop lots 

Another view around my neighbourhood
That was my house side gate 

Our lunch during the flood!
Nice whey =D
We were drinking 100 Plus because everyone was sweating working out to clean the house as soon as possible for Chinese New Year
Once the water subside a bit, we clean the place without the water

Did I tell you we are not only having flood, they cut off the electrical supply for a few days
This is how I spent my night but I didn't want to sleep early
My brother and I will chat in the living room only accompanied by the lotus candle
This was only around 8pm

Those thick mud made every movement wearing our slippers TOUGH
I got this while sweeping those thick and hard mud in my house garden
Look at the house garden area or perimeter, it took us the whole day
Eventually after that, the blister popped when I stepped on something in the kitchen

 2 different color tone!
This is not clear, I have sunburn actually
Until today there are still remnant of skin peeling off

Family "dai siu jie" a.k.a princess doing all this whey!

2nd flood experience, more mud to sweep!



Darran said...

Wow. Glad that you are alright. The flood has stopped now right?

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Darran, everything is all right. It happened before CNY..

XCB said...

whoa. hope nth is damage

Isaac Tan said...

at least everything is over now, hope it doesnt occur again in a million years!

kar xin said...

where is this place you stay? luckily is over before cny! =)

take care!

nadhira khairudin said...

i just want to know how's your piano..i know u r fine..we laughed together just now remembering o&g thnigy =D

Xu Vin said...

owh wow i wonder how u guys carried the piano! phewh salute u for going thru all that. does that happen every year?


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