Thursday, 3 February 2011

1st day of Bunny Year

Happy Chinese New Year!
Time flies & it is the bunny year now

Other than wishing everyone Happy CNY, I have no idea what to say
Then it should be the time of the pictures

I suck in nail art
I have zero skills of painting nails
I guess this is the best I can go
Can't see the sprinkles on top of it

12am sharp, praying the God of Prosperity!
My shirt says "I Love You"
and I'm dedicating that to the God of Prosperity

Daddy, mommy and brother
Morning prayer in temple

Me with my beloved daddy and mommy

The lion dance came 
They are praying and showing respect at my ancestors' altar



crazywrazy said...

Woots got lion dance! Did those lions peel the parmelo or oranges

Xu Vin said...

happy cny wen! great that u guys overcame the flood!


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