Sunday, 13 February 2011

If Mayan is right after all....


Mayan's prediction is right

We have only 
675 days
16,200 hours
972,000 minutes
58,320,000 seconds

to love
to share
to care
to breathe
to eat
to talk
to listen
to chat
to text
to give
to take
to clean up
to poop
to hate
to laugh
to think
to miss
to tease
to joke
to grin
to smile

AND to love one more time

These 675 days or 16,200 hours or 972,000 minutes or 58,320,000 seconds are Valentine Days


Mayan's prediction is wrong after all

Some might be longer than those days
Some might be shorter

For those of you who still can read this means there's still a chance to all in the list and to give a call to someone you love to say "Hey, I Love You" once more. 

When there is a chance, there will not be regrets

It might not only available for couples, love is something we shared everyday

Here's the one from me to all of you, SINCERELY

I Lve You!


High School Friends

Matriculation friends

University friends

Blogger friends



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Nice 1 ! =D

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