Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Boring posting

My roommates and I were so reluctant to wake up this morning
When I opened I eyes, everything was so PINK
I have no idea how I slept under the blanket
That is why when I wake up, I saw my pink blanket only
Only realized I was wrapped inside

Suppose to have class at 11.45am, but cancelled last minute
So, I decided to have Le Tour de Hospitale
Searching for case that I can present tomorrow during my team class
It was kind of sad when patients rejected you everyday
I end up flipping the case notes reading from it than asking from the patient

My friend seriously need to improve her photography skill
It seems like I'm in heaven or in someone's dream

This is retarded and cool at the same time
I didn't pose it this way purposely
Random but somehow retarded-ly cool

 I wonder why they all squatting, sitting and standing at this place
The patient sleeping at this bed was asleep
So slumber!

Students and doctors' parking lot in PPUKM
Spot some nice cars?



Kian Fai said...

2nd photo was dam cool LOL!! and what heaven or dreamland =.= touch wood LOL

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Dreamland! lol ! haha

~Snowman~ said...

u looks cool weyyy! =D

Isaac Tan said...

the nice cars must be the doctors!

Btw your dreamy picture looks scary wei! With your hand pointing at me like that can give me nightmares. I think I saw a ghost movie with the exact same scenario. hehe


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