Saturday, 5 February 2011

CNY Om Nom Nom

Not sure what to write...
So just some food during CNY

Secret Recipe is our family annual CNY must have cake
I didn't know who start this tradition, but it is certainly a must have

 Secret Reciper lovers should know what cake is this from this view
Gosh, look at the smooth sweet chocolate outer layer

 Chocolate Banana
For me, the combination is actually too sweet
But this is somehow the best seller in Secret Recipe
I can only have half of it at once

 Another must-have supper on the 1st day of CNY
Bird nest with eggs
Cooked by my grandma
This is love!

Dinner on Day 2 CNY in Yinsin Win Restaurant

 Shark fins soup
Not bad actually for a small and average restaurant

 Fried chicken with lime sauce
My mom said the presentation of food in this restaurant is "kampung" style
Because they served everything in a big portion and never care how the food was placed
This dish is actually good but too few sesame seeds

 This is one very pathetic dish - Fried prawn with Nestum
See the Nestum?
No Nestum taste at all and the prawns are too dry
I am a prawn lover and this is a real disappointment

 Sea cucumber cooked with pork
I'm not a fan of sea cucumber and fatty pork meat
The sea cucumber that I picked was so hard
Not my favorite dish

 Steamed fish
Didn't what fish is this
Kind of bored already when this dish was served due to previous dishes disappointment
The fish is OK compared to the one served for the adults' table
Their was hard and not fresh

 Fried pork ribs
Until this dish, I was like "Fried food again?"
From inspection, it is small and dry
The presentation of the food never look tasty anyway, so I cancel out that judgement
It is so hard to eat and I only had one
No comment already!

It is weird when vegetables only served after so many meat
I always thought we should have vegetables first
It is because our stomach digests food with fibres first
It is not good if vegetables are taken later, I guess

 Finally the dessert
The usual longan and sea coconut tong shui
Nothing special about it other than too many ice cubes

Sweat when this was served after that
Initially they forgot our order and it came last

My cousins, brother and I were totally stoned by this dinner
It was the most unsatisfied CNY dinner we ever had
Certainly won't come back, I presume

 Cannot take in anymore!



Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

i didn't even know there's nestum with the prawns....

Ronaldmohoni said...

I Like Chocolate Bannana

lyCayenne said...

omg. that's a lot of food! must be really big family

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

hahaha ! i swt at the arrangement of the dish ! lol

Kian Fai said...

Wa CNY secret recipe!!

Me cny less food ;)


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