Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Particularly, I won't be in Sunway Pyramid if it isn't for facial in Idemisse
It was a deal that my cousin, Qi Tyng and I bought from
Since we only had facial once and we love it, we were looking forward for another one
Plus, we only need to pay RM28 per session, which I couldn't even get this kind of price in Segamat

They are fully booked for the day since it is weekend until 5.30pm
So, we took the 5.30pm slot

Initially, both of us thought of trying out lunch in Frames
But then, we woke up late and Uncle already bought us lunch

We wouldn't miss out Kindori whenever we were in Sunway Pyramid
The only fresh fruit and non-fat milk ice-cream!

 Qi Tyng's Fusion Strawberry + Blueberry
With cup, it costs RM 8.90
For those who loves mixed berries taste because it is quite sour

My Fusion Matcha + Red Bean
With cone, it costs RM 9.90
They make them cone themselves
Love the milky taste of the cone, which is kinda unique

It is harder to spot the chunky red beans in the picture
Every scoop there are pieces of red bean blend inside the strong green tea flavor
Had this like the 3rd time already
I'm still LOVING it max max!!
Saw the white line there, it is the non-fat milk they mix together to make the ice-cream

After om noming, still have plenty of time, of course go window shopping-LAH!
First stop was Diva, don't really like the one in Sunway because it is quite small and crowded

Next station : Factory Outlet Shop (F.O.S)

This is the shop that you really have to go with someone else because most of their stuff are cheaper when you buy 2 or 3

 Saw this so-called long long shirt that was in trend right now
Can wear with leggings or if you're comfortable make it a pyjamas!
Love what they write on the shirts!

Next : Kitschen

Window shopping always turn into shopping!
That always happen, how to resist?

Love this shorts max max!
Someday I want to collect all the colours for the shorts
I'm now RM 49.90 poorer

Here it is now, Idemisse

 It is a very nice place here
We were served green tea when we first there
Then, they analyzed our face and identify our skin type

Our deal was

Crystal Jade 5 Elements Facial is suitable for non-blemish prone skin because the elements will stimulate blood circulation and might cause more breakouts
After the analysis, I was told that my skin was all right for the treatment
Too bad for Qi Tyng when they told her she had to change to Skin Refining Treatment and paid extra RM68 for that

After that, I have double cleansing, followed by the best part ever - Extraction!
All I know was she was poking my face for quite long because my face was very congested
Too many whiteheads and blackheads
Then comes to putting on cream mask, very soothing!

After the session, we were told we had a RM100 voucher that we had to use on the same day
The marketing executive was convincing us to use the voucher on taking course of facial session that cost us almost RM120 per session even after discount
I am not interested in that, so I told them I want to use it in products
Because I found there's this Hyaluronic Moist that I'm quite interested in
It costs RM168
After using the voucher, I paid RM68 for this

 I don't have a picture after the facial because my face is so red
But, I can say it feels so great and clean, not congested anymore



jfook said...

HAHA facial facial..lolol. I want to do facial again lol

crazywrazy said...

Fusion Strawberry + Blueberry
Fusion Matcha + Red Bean look damn awesome! How different does it taste to New Zealand Ice cream (if you have tasted la) HEHE!

Isaac Tan said...

Hey, i love icecreams!!! Our next outing must enjoy some icecreams eli!


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