Tuesday, 19 April 2011

IMU Intervarsity Scrabble Championship

Last Saturday (16th April), I took the train to KL with Shalisha, a last minute plan to join IMU Intervarsity Scrabble Championship 2011. The morning I woke up, I kind of feel reluctant to get up and prepare myself to leave home. My bed pampered me so much that I feel like marrying it.

The train was supposed to reach at 11.40am, but it reached the station at 12.45pm. Waited in the station and sweat like pig for an hour. Anyway, the train seldom arrived on time. Malaysia public transport.

#1 Shalisha's Scrabble Travel Set & my Scrabble Players Dictionary
We were so lack of training in playing scrabble after the exams and spending holidays like there are 1234567890 hours a day.
We played scrabble in the train, a very clumsy style!

#2 Train broke down
Stopped in Kajang station freaking long. Then they told us to get down from the train and catch the komuter at the next platform to get to KL Sentral. 
Fortunately, they didn't ask us to pay for the komuter tickets.
Never know how freaking packed the komuter was when all the train passengers hopped in

The day

#3 IMU Intervarsity Scrabble Championship
It is a team event, a team of 3
8 teams came for the competition which consist of IMU, UKM, USIM and Taylors
Most of the public universities are having examinations, so the tournament didn't involve much team

Every players had to go through 6 rounds of game
Win = 1 point
Draw = 0.5 point
Lost = 0 point
After playing all the games, the points of 3 players were add up

If the 3 players of the team won all 6 games, it is 18 points

#4 UKM Team - Foxy Mamas
Left: Shalisha (1st player), yours truly (2nd player), Kevin Tan (3rd player)
We didn't know that we had to come up with a team name, so Shalisha came up with FOXY MAMAS in 3 seconds. 
Whenever the speaker call out our team, it will definitely tickle everyone's laughter!

 #5 Score sheet
This is one of my score sheet during Round 4 playing with Isaac from IMU
Foxy Mamas vs Faith
In case you're curious, I lost this game

#6 Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

My revision book for every tournament I went and I realized it was a bit behind the date already
There are a lot of new updated words in the new edition now, which I was quite lost when playing with the players
This dictionary was printed on 2004, that explains why it was kind of lack of words

"Don't ask any scrabbler what is the meaning of the word they make because we might not know the meaning, but we know it exists in the dictionary"

I learnt lots of new words during this tournament, such as Bez, Dex, Ziti, Wof, Tuba, Cmw etc
I was satisfied when I get to place a Bingo (make a word from all the 7 tiles I had) during my last round, Round 6 of the tournament

Shalisha said, this really explain my mood after 6 rounds of game

Stressful environment. Gained experiences. Make new friends.

#7 Performances before prize giving ceremony
Very nice of them from IMU to loosen everybody up after being super saturated by all the words and games from 8.30am to 5.30pm with performances
Not to forget, IMU is so nice and well equipped!

#8 FB status explains it all
Our team finished 4th with 11 points out of 18 points
I won 4 games and lost 2 games
Contributed 4 points to my team, which I am pretty satisfied

Congratulations to IMU for winning the 1st and 2nd place & Taylors Lakeside Campus for the 3rd placing!

#9 Certificate of Participation & 4th place trophy
Very happy already for an average player like me
This tournament really open my eyes on great players and realized the huge space of improvement that I had to work it out!

#10 Back to Segamat, Johor
Took the 9am Monday train back to my hometown

Suffered neck, shoulder and back pain from the tournament where we were required to sit throughout all the stressful games



Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Well Done ! =D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Congrats and well done (: I thought you went back on Monday morning, no?

crazywrazy said...

sounds like you embark on hogwarts train journey back to segamat! except you trade wizardry with scrabbles, I mean edible scrabbles

Isaac Tan said...

Lol, and you told me no pictures for this event. What are all these??? :P

Nice writeup. And another "Isaac" played with you? Is he handsome? Whahahaa.

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