Thursday, 28 April 2011

HTC Desire S: What I like & dislike

What I LIKE about HTC Desire S?

#1 Calendar
The green bar on the left of the date means that there are events on that day, press on any date, they will show the event from Facebook or any event created by yourself

 #2 The BIG clock
Even my Mom said she loves the clock because she can see it without having to look for her glasses

#3 Weather
Finally I get to know the weather beforehand
You know our drastic change of weather, I get to know the weather outside when I'm inside my house
So that I can plan whether to jog or not in the evening

#4 Sound settings
You can choose to active or deactivate these:
Quiet ring on pickup
Pocket mode
Flip for speaker

Hope it reduces my missed calls after activating the pocket mode
never feel awkward again searching for the button to silent the phone when it rings in class or meeting!
Just flip the phone!

#5 Transfer stuff
As presented on this picture, everyone can easily transfer important stuff from their other phone to this HTC easily in just a few minutes. Never worry about losing any stuff or to key in everything all over again. Just on the Bluetooth!

#6 Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
Make your phone a modem for your PC!

#7 Word prediction and auto correct
Even before I finish the word, the word I want to type is predicted!
This is super accurate I tell you

Press & hold on the screen, this bar will pop out

Press "Select Word" and drag on the word that you want to choose
AND copy!

Go to "Search" (the most right bottom button on the phone) & Google homepage will be displayed on the phone screen
Press on the tab & "Paste"

There you go and you are on your way to know one more word or more!
A quick way to search and gain more knowledge

2 things I DISLIKE about HTC Desire S

#1 Alarm
I didn't get to choose how long is my snooze
HTC Desire S already set it 10 minutes per snooze
I prefer to set my own snooze timing according to importance of the event that I have to wake up for

#2 Scheduled message
I didn't get to set a message to be delivered on the time that I want to when I am not free on that time
I always set scheduled text to remind my Mom in some of the stuff as she tends to forget when I am busy with my studies
I was kinda disappointed when I found that I couldn't do that

That's all for now.. More about HTC Desire S posts will be up


Kian Fai said...

Many likes on this phone huh? =P

Hilda Milda™ said...

I didn't know normal phone can do scheduled message :O i mean the function HAHA

KC Lee said...

i suggest u comment more on the specs provided by htc compare to other phone, as most of the android phone work almost the same way...

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

i like the big clock too ! =p

Erie Yohoho said...

Hope to read more about this phone review from u. =)


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