Wednesday, 20 April 2011

MOF Japanese Cafe Sweets & Coffee

After how many freaking hours of seeing scrabble board and tiles with much psycho used in the games either by me to my opponents or vice versa, I finally decided to land myself in Qi Tyng's place. Couldn't stand the sauna weather and the worn out self-look, got to clean up and refresh myself. Not to forget the drum roll playing rock and roll inside my stomach, a way to hint me from not harming them from the downpour of super sour acidic juice.

The last sentence was the main point why I couldn't resist to just get out from the house to Sunway Pyramid with Qi Tyng

Ministry of Food (MOF) Japanese Cafe Sweets & Coffee

Just can't take my eyes off this heart-warming menu that wouldn't give me a guilty pleasure in taking in their food, which was prepared in a pretty healthy manner, as well as part of the money that I paid would probably soothe some pain, discomfort or to a better life

No guilt. All pleasure.

Seats are available inside and outside
Well, I would said they have simple and nice interior design, with a limited amount of traditional Japanese style of dining
Other than that will be cozy seats and tables as usual
Well recommended to take a seat inside if dining meals, while a more relaxed seats outside to enjoy just dessert and drinks

My first time trying in MOF, which had just stimulate my addiction towards it to come for more
Especially the matcha drinks and desserts

#1 Iced Matcha (Green tea) with Black Sesame Ice Cream
Love at the first sight when I first glanced through the menu
I found it attractive with how they try to matchmake Black Sesame and Green Tea together
And I would say, they make a good couple
Sweet and fresh til the very end of the glass til it absorbs in my digestive tracts!

RM 9.50

#2 Hot Matcha with Whipped Cream topped with Chocolate Sauce
Don't you just love it when the chocolate topped cream just melted into a warm green tea?
Soothe your taste buds and heart by its warm taste

RM 8.00

#3 Egg Mayonnaise Bento
Hey, I am coming back for this!
Love the fresh and cold taste of the nicely cut-in-cube boiled eggs coated with mayonnaise!
Peek at the colorful bento box, it was just so tempting that can make you drool
The rice below it was those we had in sushi, isn't that make everything look so perfect?

RM 13.90

#4 Chicken Katsu Tomato Pasta
The variations of pasta here are vast based on the sauce, such as olive oil, tomato, curry and so on
The tomato sauce was kind of unique from the bolognese sauce 
It was strong and fresh, definitely one taste that you can't forget
Anyway, I'm a little bit disappointed at the chicken katsu
It was crispy but the fat layer below it was too thick, turn off by the oil
The chicken wasn't as tender as I would expect

RM 15.90

Both of us spent RM 52 (of course with 10% of service charge) for this dinner here, but was really satisfied from impression, service to the food.

Will back for what they are famous for, the DESSERTS!



Kian Fai said...

wow the drink is like so creamy! (topping)

And the pasta is with fried chicken? I like the crispy feel XD

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

yummy yummy ! =D

jamiey writes said...

OMG! the desserts look super duper delicious!!! :D

K.R Paranga said...

Yumyumyum!!I want that!

kuromeowiie said...

I am hungreyyyy >3<

Hilda Milda™ said...

Ice matcha!! But I wonder if we can choose other flavour of the icecream :P

Isaac Tan said...

Iced Matcha (Green tea) with Black Sesame Ice Cream... green tea ice blended is nice? I haven't tried it in that style before.

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