Monday, 25 April 2011

Grandma's Big Day

There is this one day I told my Mom that I missed my maternal grandma's buffet style popiah that we used to have it once awhile. Then Mom and aunts started to plan for a gathering as grandma's birthday was around the corner. If you ask me, I wouldn't know when was my grandma's birthday, all they know is the Lunar birthday.

So, here we go!
You know, it is RARE to see me preparing food and more RARE when it comes to cooking
I'm kitchen-dumb!
Since everybody look busy preparing stuff, I helped to cut the beacon and tofu
This is fun (jakun-ing)

First round of makan!
Those are plates of ingredient for the popiah that you can choose and make on your own
There are sweet sauce, beacon, taugeh, mangkuang, tofu, long bean, eggs, chili and grandma's specialty - PEANUTS!

Other side dishes are mantau bun (the white color one in the picture) eat with chicken rendang, hard boiled egg (the red eggs for birthday), self-made yong tau fu and roasted pork

Get to customize my own popiah
With lots of sweet sauce and peanuts!

Step to step of my customized popiah


The master of popiah
My cousin, came all the way from KL to attend this gathering and celebration

Dessert after popiah
I had 2 popiah, a few rendang-ed chicken, orange juice
Then, here come the coffee jelly
I feel like eating non STOP at this moment

When the prosperity buns were out, everyone start to flash their camera and phones
The bun was filled with kaya paste
Yummylicious after heating!

We were guessing how many little buns were hidden inside the big prosperity buns
I guessed 8, and I was wrong
There was 10 inside and 13 outside
23 is the total, I don't get it why this is the total

Here comes to star of the day!
All thanks for having Secret Recipe in Segamat, which is kind of BIG for small town people here
White Chocolate Macadamia

This is the real STAR of the day
Yours truly's grandma!
Celebrating her 79th birthday (following Lunar calendar) with all her children and grandchildren (except for another 1 of my cousin and my brother)
#1 Birthday song

#2 Making wish

#3 Blowing off the candles

# Take 1!

Some of the children and grandchildren

# Take 2!



maro^gal said...

happy birthday to your grandma !!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your popo (: Did you guys made the prosperity buns yourself? It looks huge :O

jfook said...

Wow the cake is from Secret Recipe? White Choc Macademia? nom nom..

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

The popiah look nice and delicious ! Yum yum . =D And the prosperity buns is nice . =D Happy belated birthday to your grandma ! =D

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your grandma! =D

bendan said...

Hahaha~ I always love the "shou bao", so cute isn't it?? When will I get one~ WTF!! Hahaha!!

Happy Belated Birthday, Eli's Grandma. =]

tam said...


kuromeowiie said...

happy belated birthday to your grandma~miss the popiah sooo muach~same popiah in my hometown!

Isaac Tan said...

wishing your grandma a happy birthday, and many more happy years ahead!


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