Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Kampung Girl Ep.1

Read this before proceed:
I apologize for anyone that was looking for the hit drama "Kampung Girl". This blogpost coincidentally has the same title as the drama. However, this was written back in April 2011. I'm sorry that this isn't what you're looking for...

Rolled for 2 hours plus, finally I reached my hometown
Exam is seriously over this time, I'm not dreaming 
No longer sick because I'm now home
Get to squeeze to sleep with my plushie

The kampung girl life

The only surviving durian tree in my house
Segamat is famous of durian tree, so we had two in my house
But, sadly one is dying already
This one still can grow durians, just that it always confuse when is the season

Since the owner, which is myself, have no idea when is the durian season as well
I spotted same durian flowers dropping from the tree
Look up, saw a few durian flowers
Guess the season is here
Segamat durians!

Mom said I am too free at home doing nothing
So, I helped her to squeeze the orange for pure, fresh orange juice
2 oranges needed for one cup
I'm squeezing 6 oranges
When the oranges cut into half, I'm squeezing the oranges 12 times full of passion
Until almost got a hole on the orange skin and the the plastic squeezer thingy almost fly away 

 Add some ice cubes and glucose powder, then TADA!!
With super lots of orange flesh
Refreshing drinks for a hot day
And squeezing the oranges give me hands and arms exercise

Only the first day at home, started to feel weird and a little bored already
Used to have lots of stuff to deal with in my hostel and hospital

My long-time-no-see babies
Hand so itchy wanna play with them
Before I applied on my own nails, I played with it on my Mom's toe nails when she was watching TV

I always prepare my Silkygirl nail polish removal near with me because I totally suck at making perfect swipe of nail polish or nail arts
I don't own base and top coat
So, I use my Elianto nail strengthener as base coat
Then, a layer of Silkygirl pink nail polish
Top with another layer of IN2IT Pink Sparkle
Take toothpicks and create polka dots with IN2IT Jellybean (the read one)
Top off with another layer of the Elianto nail strengthener

This is the outcome!
And I actually create a mess that obviously I'm not taking a picture of it
My right fingernails in a worst condition

I still have 59 days of holidays
(If I don't fail any papers)

Thinking what should I do...

Oh ya, back to the first sentence, I didn't roll, my Dad's car tires did the rolling job
But I did bed roll :)



isroxck said...

Comfy life over there ? Feeling relaxed reading this post lol.

Hilda Milda™ said...

I can't wait for my hols to come! D:

Kian Fai said...

lol blinkish nails!

have a good moment over there!

~Snowman~ said...

nice nails deary!


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