Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Our bond

Warning: I apologize if I offended anyone in this post

The night is visiting, with a cup of Coflo in my hand
Cool air from the machine, no mercy to the Mother Earth
Bad me. Period.
Silence, the new friend accompanying me
Baby Mac, ever loyal

Recall how did I first start getting to know you
Recall how did I first feel the bond in between me and you
Recall why it lasts til now
How much you have always has an open space for me 
To share, to talk, to lean on
When the ocean changed its name and hits the land of human, I seek for you
When there is rainbow in my heart, I seek for you
When there is butterfly in my stomach, I seek for you
When I was the last person in this land, I seek for you
When I capture every beautiful thing God made, I seek for you 
Every little thing in my life, I have always have you to share with

It is all because of you, my blog, life is getting colourful

Wonder why some of your friends (blogs) were used just to generate income
Top blog topics were about how to make money
Ways to increase money
We might not share the same point in starting a blog
I might not see my blog as a business partnership or to be worst, fast money generator?
*except for blogshops*
Guess it will be hurtful talking about money topic
Don't blog to please
Where is the bond between you and your blog when you start to please?
It is just like the loose bond between you and your best friend when you start to please other people that can give you more benefits

This post doesn't meant to complain
It is only through my own lens on what I see
Those that happened didn't please me but it is their own space of freedom
No hate, no offense

Blog is the best companion of my life and not to forget how it lead me to bond with the others that share the same interest, where my blog found its friends too :D



Isaac Tan said...

oo, is that like a poem?
nice message though, and i can sense you really did a lot of thinking and want to express it out.

Do explain to me when you see me anytime in the future. Remind me of this! Wahaha, I wana understand better.

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

it means that blogs now are to generate income instead of blogging of what they think (like usually you blog what you see on from your own view, not blog about what you're assigned to blog about etc)

that's how I interpret it la.


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