Friday, 15 April 2011

Total turn off!

You got the money with look, attitude, loyalty and the heart. But, once you popped out a cigarette, just one. Totally off, not even a second chance. 

I have been thinking for years, seriously. I have no idea what is the benefits of cigarette smoking. What makes a person start cigarette smoking?

#1 I just want to try something new

For God sake, give a better reason next time. Hey man, I dare you to try sky diving! Isn't that something new to you than being so coward sucking and puffing smoke out of the small paper-like stick? 

#2 More manly

Why aren't you confident about your gender of being a man without that nicotine stick? If you need that to prove your man-ness, why do God gives you all the XY genes and those that grow from that?  Guess you think you are so feminine without it? Be yourself is the key because God already make you a man of yourself, you just have to carry it likes who you are.

#3 To relieve stress

You kidding me to burn RM10.20 a pack of 20 to relieve stress when there are so many ways that is free of charge or cheaper? Movies, music, doing sports, just call up a BFF and shout about everything, spam someone's FB wall, bang yourself on Twitter, throw your pillow to the wall or draw it out. I bet you still can name some activities that I can't even think of. Who doesn't have stress? Who doesn't need to cope with stress? Stop giving yourself excuses!

#4 Just because my ALL my friends did it, so I follow

When you started to point at others, there are 3 fingers that points towards yourself and even your THUMB isn't helping you by giving a neutral pointing/respond (try it with a "pointing" gesture). Once you blame the others as the factor, you know you caused it that way yourself. Nobody forces you to choose your friends and nobody can control what you do. This is the most irresponsible excuse ever heard!

#5 I love the smokes

Damn you, go sit beside a chimney and smell all you want. What's wrong with you of liking the smoke? Go apply yourself as thriller movie actor or "kelefeh", there are lots of smoke!

#6 I have no idea about the side effects, everyone in my place smoke, but none of them have any problems

This is the most tricky part I ever faced. I face this when I was doing Public Health posting in Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor in a rural kampung named Kampung Bukit Belimbing. Almost 80% of the villagers smoke just because all their parents smoke. Neighbours, friends, uncle, father, brothers and I am not surprise they are actually all MALES only. The female smokers in that place is seriously near ZERO. What makes them said so, because they don't go to medical checkup in the health centre nearby at all. That is why they have no idea whether they did suffer from the side effects.

Throughout my one year in hospital, I had talked to people here and there. Smoking is the greatest factor to accelerate any sickness that you can name.

I really hope smoking area isn't an open air area because it only release the smoke out to the environment and there are a lot of innocent second hand smoker!
We should make a room as smoking area (give you air conditioner if you want), let the smokers sit together in the room and puff the smoke to each other, guess this is what they like. Leave the non-smoker alone!

L.o.v.e y.o.u.r.s.e.l.f!


Hilda Milda™ said...

I hate smokers too! Don't even understand how can them stand the smell of the smoke :/

Muhsin Aminudin said...

wow. i don't know that people in Tanjung Karang smoke that much. I'm sure that the air there is contaminated. Nice post. sarcastically and convincing advice.

bendan said...

Yes, squeeze them into a room with air-cond or without, just let them stay in there. Let them makan angin themselves!! I hate smoker too la...

Xu Vin said...

well said dear!

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

agree much ! i hate smoker too !

toninkush said...

i'm a smoker =)

Isaac Tan said...

Lol tony! stop turning ppl off :P Kidding.

I don't smoke, but the last time i tried when I was in uni and happen to flunk one of my subject. Took like 1 box in a go, and had fever for 1 week. ><"


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