Sunday, 10 April 2011

Friends in Segamat

I was still having my own sweet time pigging when Xu Vin (pronounced her name as Eevin! Don't ask me why, LOL) texted telling me that she will be heading to Segamat with Shalisha, Pei Sun, Mar-Jie and Kevin! 

Finally I get to meet them up at 8pm

 Top: Shalisha, my ex-class monitor for 3 years in Primary and Secondary school and CURRENTLY my course mate as well
Middle: Xu Vin (left) & Pei Sun (right), both are my course mates
Bottom: Mar-Jie, a friend of Xu Vin that I knew when I was in first year, currently she wasn't in UKM anymore (great to see her again) & myself!

Anyway, Kevin wasn't around, he was back in KL already

Those soft toys were just irresistible and we just went in to squeeze with them

Her first time in Segamat.. Snapping lots of picture!

They are trying to assess which soft toys are cuter and weirder
Rows and rows of plushies!!!
Me heart it max max!

 The one that I heart the MOST!
Don't you just like the nose, awwwwww....

She suddenly had a random thought to buy this for her Mom's birthday
Imagining her bringing this all the way to Sarawak and show to her Mom
In case you're curious, she didn't bought it

After plushie hugging, we went to Old Taste Kopitiam next door

Our drinks!
Soy milk with cincau, Old Taste Delight (3-layered coffee tea), Jasmine Aloe Vera, Milo Float 

 Xu Vin ordered Roti Susu for herself!

 Since I haven't take my dinner yet, I satisfied my tummy with Ikan Bilis Fried Rice with Egg
I recommend this fried rice!
The rice is awesome, the sambal is awesome!
Very big portion, super full after that

I'm glad that they are here in Segamat and I hope they had fun!



Isaac Tan said...

Ladies with their soft toys. Never ending I tell you!. Wahahaha

Xu Vin said...

awww thx for the treat wen! i had fun meeting up with u! :PP


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