Friday, 22 April 2011

Blog shop experience!

Something arrived in my house today which I thought that I would just blog about
Couldn't find anything to keep my blog alive

I have been shopping online for quite some times already
Bought most of my clothes and dress from blogshop, the bag that I'm using right now were bought online too
It has always been a disappointed attempt for me whenever I went shopping with my cousin around the mall and boutique
It is either I'm picky and have limited sense or I'm just unlucky or I'm just not good in shopping
I hardly found a piece of clothes that can really satisfy me or the price would be more than the cash I carry

#1 Finally the package is here
Kate Low is a blogshop owner that I totally trust, had multiple experiences with her
She is fast and efficient!
She replied my order in less than half an hour most of the time and settled everything not even in 2 hours
I would received the package the next day or 2 days later if I placed my order late evening
The package and products will always arrive nicely

#2 Business card
This is the blogshop
Girls, you can take a look and you will go WOW at the prices
Sorry guys, the name says it all. It is totally Ladies fashion

#3 Bought this for RM30!
Me likey max max!
Very comfortable and chic

#4 This piece comes with a necklace!
It still cost RM30

#5 With the necklace!
Don't the necklace just give it a different feel?

#6 Bought a black dress too!
This cost RM16, but if you bought 2 garments that cost RM16 in the blogshop, it will be 2 for RM30!
It is T-Shirt material
I found it super body-hugging and certainly love the simple design
This piece with a few colors were SOLD OUT in a blink of an eye!

The postage fees are RM 6, total damage done was RM 52!

Other stuff that I had bought in Ladies Fashion in this post HERE

#7 Updating my earrings collection
Damaged done when my mom, aunt and grandma went for groceries shopping!
I stroll towards the jewelry kiosk myself and bought these
RM 10 for 3 pairs

Guess I had spent a lot



jamiey writes said...

i remember the first time i bought things from blogshops. twas pure excitement... :D because we don't get to try, i was waiting in anticipation to get my hands on the items :D

jfook said...

The last dress is nice. =)

Hilda Milda™ said...

it's been a while since I last bought something from a blogshop :P btw, the black dress suits you!

Kian Fai said...

fuiyoh Black Dress looks hot =D

yenniedoll said...

wow. i love the look with the necklace. Accessories always give a touch of personality to the outfit. :D

Isaac Tan said...

You do look good in the black dress! :)


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