Wednesday, 15 June 2011


This is what happened when my house mate was back after class. Broken window, rubbish and empty shoe boxes were everywhere. The first thing she checked was to go into our room and see whether the laptops were around or not. Luckily, none of the stuff is damage except the windows that caused lots of glass piece on the floor

There is a heavy rain and strong wind in the afternoon during the lunch time and we believed it was caused by the rain and wind

After sweeping some of the shattered pieces. There are still a lot tiny glasses around the living room. Now, all of us had to beware walking around the house or wearing the house slipper around

Those pieces that still stuck on the window frame were tangling and shaking when the wind blows
Helpless living room when there is another rain pouring anytime



AL said...

You need ghostbusters!!!

~KLaRraPaRiS~ said...

really epic!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Luckily there's no one that time, if not sure kena cut by all those shattered glasses :O

Isaac Tan said...

oh no. >< be careful when walking around ya!

Kelly said...

That's really a very strong rain and wind... At first, I thought it was robbery :D *touch wood*
Becareful when you're cleaning!

meichi said...

luckily there's no1 in te room...or else...


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