Sunday, 26 June 2011

Standard Chartered KL 2011

Event: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011
Date: 26th June 2011

Pre-run Days

It's all started with a parcel, 2 weeks before the run today. The parcel looks big but it is light

Inside the parcel

Standard Chartered KL Marathon bag

A very detailed, nicely done runner's guide book

Inside the book

The General Facts of the marathon

Pre-run checklist

The prizes are in US Dollar!

The event is partnered with a few charities, such as The Trustees of The Standard Chartered Trust Fund Registered, National Cancer Society Malaysia, Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam, MAB, Yayasan AIDS Malaysia, The National Autism Society of Malaysia

This is what most people pissed off for the day - Road Closure in KL
It is closed from 5am to 12pm

The 10km and 5km route
Just realized it is not just 5km, it is 5.4km

Route of full marathon (42.195km), I salute runners in this category

Half marathon (21.178km) route

I don't like the color of the shirt
It is the green of Green Lantern

My bib number
Was wondering who is the one that has T-37333 number

At the back of the bib number, very considerate

Run Day in Dataran Merdeka

7am in Dataran Merdeka
Full Marathon had flagged off at 5am and half marathon runners started at 7am

NewBalance, the sponsor of our Green shirt

My cousin, Qi Tyng

Yours truly
Had a knee pain one day before the run day from a short practice, had to run with a knee guard for better support

Something to entertain the kids

The starting and finishing line with rows of cheerleaders and media
The deejay was quite good, the first full marathon runner crossed the line even before my event was flagged off

After crossing the line and queuing in the packed crowd collecting goodie bags, the crowd in green reminds me of the assembly of Green Lantern

The sun is shining and getting warm already
Picture taken when I'm on my way to look for Masjid Jamek LRT station, some of the runners still running towards the finishing line

Me with the goodie back happily posing on the empty road that is closed just for the run
Walking in the middle of the empty road is fun!

Tired looking cousin with her goodie bag

Inside the goodie bag

Certificate of completion of the race

A free mineral water, 100 Plus (the official isotonic drinks sponsor) and a big yellow banana

Saw a lot of ambulances in standby mode and 1 came into the runners' track asking them to give way after I finished my race. Hope nobody has a major problem this year

No medal was given to 5km Fun Run category. Oh ya, I met Viji and Anrie in the National Cancer Society booth set up in the field

Now I have muscles pain!

Next Run: NTV7 Feel Good Run (3rd July 2011)



Flirtatious Friends said...

I was at KL Marathon today too.. but I took the 10km. Good thing to know you'll be going for NTV7, coz I'll be there too! Runners unite!


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