Monday, 6 June 2011

1st Day of 4th Year

"I'm not sure when is Dumpling Day, but I know today is my Holiday Dumping Day"

Being like a very caveman the night before school reopen, my roommates and I were stoning looking at the 5-minute long fireworks which we presume it was coming from the stadium. Everyone trying to put homesick aside and pepper self with some motivation to keep this year going.

In a blink of an eye but with sweats, tears and blood, we has finally arrive in the session of 2011/2012 taking in the new step to declare ourselves as 4th year students. Still feeling very awkward when I feel this isn't just very far from the first day I get myself into medical school. Feeling like a newbie, waking up early today to prepare myself to attend my 1st posting briefing

8 weeks in Orthopaedics, with 8 sub-specialties
I am placed under Spine Team, will rotate to the other 7 teams in the 8 weeks
The other teams will be Hand, Onco, Arthroplasty, Paediatrics, Rehab, Trauma & Sports

A lot of cover up was did on my face in the morning to give the fresh look, I'm just being honest
This isn't a very joyous day 1 that we usually have in every semester even though academically we are more senior right now
But, first day, new semester means new pain, new gain of experience and knowledge
For the good side, it is one big step nearer to graduation (continue day dreaming for the moment)

After the briefing, we contact our own supervisor but my group supervisor didn't seems to reply and busy. So I "lepak" in the library waiting for my group leader to text me. After planting my butt too long in the library, I take the opportunity to play with my friend's Stitch. This Stitch is so much cuter than the one in the screen

No class the whole day and I have no idea where to start my reading
Read through some examination and I found out my knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy had totally drained out 
Start burying myself with Anatomy books now, a subject that I'm super weak at 

Have to dig my 1st year notes to refresh my memory
Yikes, feeling old!

Hope these 8 weeks will be a joyful and memorable one as we are not going to be in Orthopaedics posting anymore until we graduate!



Isaac Tan said...

Good luck for a brand new year eli~

Hilda Milda™ said...

All the best! :D

Xu Vin said...

owh noooo i think i've lost my 1st year notes..! *horror* all the best in ortho wenny!


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