Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sakae Sushi

My bad for not asking my Spine Team members about what is on Tuesday, where I jumped out from my bed at 7.55am because somebody told me ward round 8am. No breakfast, I rushed to the ward and reached 8.15am, was told the round was done at 7am because it is OT (Operation Theatre) Day for Spine Team. So, nobody get to follow the round and we walked around the place around ourselves.

Went to witness scoliosis corrective surgery in the Operation Theatre, staying in hypoglycemic a.k.a hunger mode for another 3 hours plus. Left before the surgery was done, the tummy starts to show its anger by giving me a tsunami of hydrochloric acid

Back to the main point of the post

Sakae Sushi in Leisure Mall for brunch! 

Froggy :)

Sushi, come to mama!

Even though I'm so dead hungry, I couldn't eat much because the tummy still didn't feel very well after the long hours of starvation

Pink plate = RM 3.99
Can't wait for the food that we ordered, wallop the sushi first

Me favorite!
Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki
(Tempura prawn, cheese & spicy mayonnaise)
RM 12.90
This is really good, love the cheese & spicy mayonnaise that I'm licking it clean

Chicken Katsu Don
RM 12.90
The chicken and onion is nice, couldn't really taste the egg because it is mixed up. Not sure why, I didn't fancy the rice. I found it a bit hard for my liking

Curry Katsu Don
RM 12.90

The reason why we super enjoyed the food without so much of worrying it burns a hole in the pocket
Much thanks to Glitterati Plus, I'm grateful that I got a chance to share this complimentary voucher
(I'm not GPlus, someone is :P)

RM 8.90 brunch for 2 pax!
Grin-non-stop after the lunch

Every RM 50 spent in Sakae Sushi will be given a RM 10 voucher
Will keep this for some sushi snack time!



bendan said...

Yerr... so good to have "someone".. T,T I want that voucher too!! I want Sushi so badly!! T_____T

Isaac Tan said...

Sakae sushi!! XD so this was where you guys headed to that day. :P

y--square said...

Dear, it's time to invest on a better camera ^ ^

Hilda Milda™ said...

Never tried sakae before, I always stick with sushi zanmai :P


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