Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Plaster of Paris

Never knew life has been so great all these being so lucky to be well until all of us must gone through the process of putting a cast on ourselves - Plaster of Paris (PoP)

PoP has been used worldwide for quite a long time of period to encase the limb to hold the broken bone in place until healing is confirm or before an operation is done. 

The preparation of doing PoP
Since all students who are now currently in Orthopaedics posting have to do it, they gave us the cheapest stuff there can find for us - made in China

Demonstration by the Medical Assistanst on how to apply short arm cast

Mine done by 2 of my friends, very unexperienced. That's why it turn out to be a little bit out of shape. But hell yeah, it is their first time putting this on, so it was consider quite good.

Once the first layer was put on, it feels warm. Not very uncomfortable as I expected. My arm become more and more warm when they go around putting the 2nd layer. What's worst is that it is HEAVY. It is a very dirty process with lots of white cement powder flying around. Imagine having a fracture and to carry this heavy stuff around for months

Happily Pop-ed because all still have their bones attached, of course

Weird combination of expression, not sure how we should feel having the heavy and powdery cast

After a few hours, surrender to its heavyness and let it rest on the table
Done to give ourselves an experience on how a patient with fracture feels when they were put on Plaster of Paris. Lesson learnt -  Be careful in doing anything, having yourself hurt is not fun, having this PoP on a broken arm isn't fun too!



Kian Fai said...

the only fun thing is can draw something on it :X

ah well I try my best wont get hurt

Kelly said...

I wonder how do you take it out? Break it with a hammer or slice it with a device :D I have never been through this and don't want too...

kuromeowiie said...

agree with kianfai lol

Kelvin said...

This is the 1st time i saw a post on demonstration of a medical class~

Isaac Tan said...

if anyone kacau you, just give him a hit on the head, sure faint. lol!


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