Monday, 20 June 2011

New World Park & Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe

I'm finally in Penang, after near 5 hours of car journey early in the morning from KL. Anyway, I slept 1/4 of the journey and the spent the remaining of my time looking what's outside and annoyed my parents with my singing. Pretty excited, this was my 4th time to Penang, a nice place that is kinda far from my hometown which is all the way south

Met my brother, check-in and head out for lunch. Stomach growling already!

First stop: New World Park 

Spotted Pan Mee here and decided to give it a try on how Penang Pan Mee would taste like

Packed with people during the weekend, but still to the extend that there are seats available

Bro's rice with deep fried pork
It came with a lot of tomato sauce

Dad's Penang "who-doesn't-know-this-food" Char Kuey Teow
The portion is just too little

My Dry Pan Mee, add on with fish
RM 5.00

Hmm, I still prefer the Pan Mee I had in KL compared to the one here. The thick noodle is quite hard to my liking and the sauce is quite watery. However, the fish is really good, it's so soft and no worries about fish bones

Dad ordered popiah for all of us
Tried, love the tiny fried prawns on top of it but the popiah overall is just so so because there is some vegetables in there that I don't usually take. Blame on my pickiness 

Next stop: Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe

For its famous dessert!

Very lovely decoration from the outside
Can't really see whether it is open or not

Very nyonya-like decoration inside this cozy cafe

Nyonya Cendol
Super yummylicious! Love strong coconut milk? This is the one I'm searching for. Its strong gula melaka and santan taste just send me a shot to food heaven. Served chilled, awesome!

Craving for it already

New World Park
102, Jalan Burmah,
10500 Georgetown
Pulau Pinang

Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe
No.102-A-6, New World Park,
102, Jalan Burmah,
10500 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang

Me and my brother



Hilda Milda™ said...

I've only been to Penang once, and that was like hmmm 9 years ago :P

Your Humble Servant said...

waaaa you make me miss penang very much (though it is the mainland part of penang la hahaha)

Kian Fai said...

I thought It was with lots of sambal hahah yuan lai is tomato sauce lai de :)

Isaac Tan said...

Penang !! XD I wana go home NAO! XD btw happy birthday Eli, wish you here, there, everywhere!! :)

Miss N said...

ah...never thought that Penang has TIME SQUARE too!!


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