Wednesday, 1 June 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Courtesy to the blog post contest held by Nuffnang, not only I got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides premiere screening few days earlier than its screening (16th May 2011), very lucky of me that I won myself 3 bottles of OPI Pirates of the Caribbean limited edition

Pirates of the Caribbean collection has 6 different colours to choose from or you can just have it ALL

This is the 6 Pirates of Caribbean collection nail polishes with a special top coat!
Pirates have always give me an impression of bold, gloomy and mysterious colour, but for this time OPI comes up with a collection of pastel colour for the Pirates theme which I find it a bit different from what I expect

But I love that they give name to each of the color which is pretty cute 

The nail polish colour without the top coat is on the right
On the left, it has coated with Silver Shatter Top Coat

3 random colours out of the 6 in the collection, courtesy of Nuffnang & OPI
Up to my living, this is my first ever OPI nail polish!

Lets see how it looks on my nails
WARNING: I suck in applying nail polish, even it is OPI, I might mess it up too
(OPI must have shake its head seeing my poor skills)

 #1 Planks a Lot

After 1 coat of the colour, it is pretty thin for me. From most of the nail polish expert and review blogs, they advised that we should apply it 2 coats for a perfect finishing

This moderately bright purple colour is quite creamy actually, not as solid as I expected once it dry. I am glad it is quite easy to apply and it glides smoothly on my base coat, which is pretty good for people like me that forever has this poor skill when I try to apply it from my left hand to my right fingers

#2 Stranger Tides (the movie title!)

I love this the most from the 3 colours that I have

Grey-green-ish colour that might look a bit dull from the bottle but it gives a youthful feelings once it was on the fingernails. It will be darker when 2 coats are applied. This colour is very unique to me as I never own a nail polish with this colour. Easy to apply!

#3 Steady as She Rose (A very woman power name!)

On my 2nd & 4th fingernails of my left hand

This baby pastel pink-purplish colour is very feminine and simple looking. Very creamy colour as well. I like this with 1 coat, because it gives more pastel pink colour. It has dull purple pastel colour if 2 coats are applied. This is the easiest to apply on the fingernail, for me

This is really LOVE

Silver Shatter Top Coat!!!!!!

This is the outcome after applying the Silver Shatter Top Coat, I believe the colour underneath the top coat is Mermaid's Tears
(This is not my fingernails. A courtesy photo)

Me love OPI more now!



Kelly said...

Congratulations! The Planks A Lot is sexy whereas the Stranger Tides is eye-catching and the Steady as She Rose is sweet... Same as you, Stranger Tides is special and gorgeous.

Hilda Milda™ said...

Shatter nail polish! I've been wanting to get one, but OPI is too expensive and there's no other brand that has shatter effect T__T

Jessy said...

So nice one can win OPI polish!

wintergurl said...

Love opI . u r so lucky can won :)


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