Monday, 27 June 2011

Mon Boulangerie & Kitchen

Another extra choice of outlet to dine-in in Sri Petaling area, this place is getting crowded with all the cafe and restaurant of different type of food served. Newly opened Mon Boulangerie is a Asian and Western fusion cafe, serving bread and muffins as well

Mon Boulangerie & Kitchen
Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
(same row as Tutti Frutti)

Fusion of Asian and Western food of your choice

It was only the 2nd day since they opened, we were served with free potato chips

And free orange juice for each of us!

The divider that attracts me in this cafe. This place is designed to fit quite a lot of customers at once and provide a very nice and cozy environment. Not too bright or too dull that can doze you off, just nice and they have very simple yet elegant design

The chromosome-like wallpaper!

Mushroom soup
It smells like Campbell soup to me in the beginning but it tastes quite good just that after quite a number of scoop, it is a tad too salty for me

Spaghetti Bolognese
Did not try, but my cousin said it was quite salty too towards the ending

Mixed Seafood Carbonara Spaghetti
Love the carbonara sauce, not too thick and sticky and not too watery. I'm not a fan of capsicum, that is why it ruins the taste of the sauce and spaghetti a little bit for me. The seafood portion is all right for me. Too many raw onions mixed in this dish, which make it a little bit weird even though I love onions

Fish and chips
Not bad, just prefer the fish to be less salty and less oily. Overall, the presentation of this dish is really good, just that it didn't come with chips. It was replaced by mashed potatoes

Oriental chicken
It came look alike the fish and chips that my cousin and uncle almost switched their food. Didn't try this dish, no comment

Overall, I just hope they peppered in less salt as most of the dish are very salty. Other than that, it is quite good for a newly open outlet. Will come back again to try something else and fingers crossing for improvement. About the price, I guess it is okay for me.

After meal art?



thenomadGourmand said...

When I saw the word "boulangerie" I was immediately interested cos I'm a bread lover!!
But why all the food so salty oneee.. :(

Isaac Tan said...

Lots of dishes you have there! :) Lol, got after meal art some more.

Euniceee said...

haha....i like the word ' Chromosome like '! funny! xD

Kian Fai said...

I do home some restaurant got the option called "less salty" lol . . . I am a western food lover and lets hope for improvement :D

Anton said...

Mon Boulangerie is the perfect place in all Sri Petaling to enjoy great Lavazza coffee, delightful fresh own baked Danish Pastries and high quality cakes, have a satisfying meal Asian or Western!! The ambience is cosy and comfortable and the service is personal and great. A MUST-VISIT restaurant for anyone who enjoy good food at friendly prices - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Anton said...
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Anton said...

Mon Boulangerie in Sri Petaling opened up in June 2010 to packed crowds - today the cosy restaurant is a favourite place for families with children, it's really kids-friendly joint!! These days i order my very satisfying 'yong tau fu' mix, it's home-made quality and great with white rice. Other times i would definitely go for seafood pesto, grilled chicken pesto, or the tasty XO fried rice, dory fish slices with ginger & spring onion rice,and the irresistible pastries. They taste different from those at other bakeries or cake shop - must be the quality ingredients Mon Boulangerie bakers use.

Anton said...

Mon Boulangerie in Sri Petaling celebrated their 1st anniversary recently ... now with new dishes such as thin-crust Pizzas with generous toppings, Caesar Salad, Tomato Soup, Beef & Chicken pies from a Swiss company, muffins from Ireland - all this in addition to their staples of Pesto dishes, XO Fried Rice, TomYam Fried Rice, fresh bakes galore etc etc - i like their 'quality food at reasonable prices' - even their tomato sauce is Heinz (no preservative).


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