Saturday, 25 June 2011

Xian Ding Wei @ Queensbay Mall

A super delayed post
It is Father's Day last Sunday which falls on 19th June this year and we were in Penang. My Dad didn't feel that well to have a really big meal for him, so my brother suggested to dine in a Taiwan restaurant in Queensbay Mall called Xian Ding Wei. We went there early to at least get a table and seats before the place was jam-packed by the crowd in Penang

People queuing to dine in the restaurant due to weekend and Father's Day

Their special Taiwanese sauces

 All of us ordered set meal which is quite reasonable and the portion is not disappointing
The set meal comes with the dish of our own choice + plain rice / rice with sauce + 3 side dishes of the day + soup of the day

Dad's Teppanyaki Hunan Bean Curd
RM 15.90

Mom's Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in 3 Variety of Sauces
It is famous with its Chinese name as San Bei Ji
RM 18.90

My dinner of the day - Cheese Pork Chop
RM 19.90
Melted cheese was stuffed in between the pork, amazing!

Bro's Deep Fried Pork Chop with Marinated Wine Grain
RM 18.90
Preferred meat that has hint of wine taste, this is really the one

I pick the rice with the sauce to give it more taste to the whole meal
No extra charge for this

3 side dishes of the day
On the left, squid salad (I think)
Middle, fried spring roll
On the right, fried anchovies and peanut with sweet sauce
Love all the side dishes, at least the meal won't be so dull alone with the dish that we ordered

Soup of the day - Chicken Herbal Soup

One very satisfying meal with affordable price!
MUST try, well-recommended



reanaclaire said...

Hello.. I havent been to this place yet.. maybe next time i will drop by and have a look from outside... hahaha...

Flirtatious Friends said...

Very nice banner! and I see your daily mile widget, have that too... are u a runner?

Isaac Tan said...

tried the one at The Curve, not yet try in penang. Seems pretty good. Thanks for sharing Qi Wen!

bendan said...

Wow, xian ding wei!! The food looks good good leh!! LOL!! XD

jamie writes said...

looks delicious~~~ will try next time soon :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

Blogged about the one in Curve (: I love the 3 cups chicken HAH definitely going back there again.


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