Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Green Drinks

Never did I know I'm giving up all the coffee in Starbucks just for a cup of this GREEN drinks

For these few weeks after I first tried the Starbucks Green Tea Blended Creme Frappuccino, I have been looking forward to Starbucks just for a cup of this!

Usually, it was mixed with soy but today they are out of soy and I asked for low-fat milk instead. Certainly, it tastes quite different but it is still nice for me but I prefer to stick with soy as my favorite!
Craving day and night just because of this green drinks, which actually just replace my addiction towards Starbucks' coffee
Too bad, can't have it too often as it is super pricey!!
RM 14.30 for the size of Tall, which actually not just burning my pocket but dropping a BOMB in it



Isaac Tan said...

oh, its that good? hehe, never had the chance to try it yet :P

* tracey gal * said...

ooo dis is one of my fav!! :D
but never tried it with soy before tho! hehe

y--square said...

I am never a coffee addict, I can't understand why you guys willing to spend so much on 1 cup of drink. Maybe you can't understand why a chip freak like me bought 2 packets of LAYS each week. LOL


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