Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Driving through flood

On the way back to KL from Segamat last Sunday, parts of the road leading to Gemencheh were flooded
Initially my parents and I were wondering why so many cars stopping along the way until we saw the "teh tarik"-colored water was covering the road
Damn, I thought I couldn't go back to KL
There is another alternative for sure, to turn back and go along the road to Melaka and then to KL
But, it will take a lot of time since we had came this far

All thanks to our local production, Proton Exora
We managed to wheel through the flood

We were inspecting cars from the other side to drive through the muddy flood water
It wasn't a big deal at all for the buses and lorries
A 4WD passed through, motorcycles and even a Myvi and Proton Saga made it through
There was this Avanza in front of us, but the driver decided to make a U-turn

My dad decided to just drive through it
Some cars followed behind us 
So, my dad off the air conditioner in the car and went for it


The flood in front
Cars are stopping at the side of the road being unsure whether to go on or not

Going through the flood
This was only the 1st part of the road
There were dry areas in between

Made it through the first part of the flood
There were another one in front

2nd part
If you realized, it is not my hand was tilting, but the car is
The 2nd flooded road was quite unstable
Got to move really slow here

Couldn't estimate how deep the water was from the front of my car
Now, you can estimate the depth by judging from the car behind us
In an angle where the water and wiper were covering the plat number

The water splashing when we drive through

What an experience!




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