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Power Over Cervical Cancer

I mentioned a little bit about Power Over Cervical Cancer in my previous post
I strongly feel that this is a great cause and should be shared to everyone here once again

Please lend me your 5 minutes, it will do good returns to all the women in this world with just a little effort from you

Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC)
(What is this?)

A disease awareness campaign against cervical cancer that is launched by National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). This advocates women to take the first step towards protecting themselves against cervical cancer via vaccination and regular pap smears.

POCC aims to continuously educate women on cervical cancer and the risk factors of the disease.

A Quick View about Cervical Cancer

  •  3rd most common cancer among Malaysian women and 3 women was diagnosed with cervical cancer everyday
  •  Awareness of cervical cancer in Malaysia is very low
  •  Cervical cancer is preventable! (This is a very good news!)

This is the Key Messaging in 2010/2011 for this cause :

  • Best Friends Forever (BFF) - if we're going to be BFFs, you're going to have to help with the forever part
  • Protect yourself and your best friends against cervical cancer
For the guys, with the knowledge and awareness that you have, you can protect your girlfriends!

Let's take a look at the activities!

To make pledge via Roving Pinkies, POCC Website ( and POCC Pink Bazaar & Auction @ Zouk KL to enter the Malaysia Book of Records.

After the 24,000 pledge photos target was reached, there will be the Biggest Pink Party @ Zouk KL

Let's find out more about the activities!

Roving Pinkies 
(This is how I was approached!)

  •  Ladies dressed in pink will be around 1Utama, The Curve and Sunway Pyramid to spread the POCC message and approach ladies to pledge their support on the spot. POCC brochures will be given out as well.
  •  All photos taken will go towards making the Malaysia Book of Records entry.

When : Month of October (Opps, it is over!)
Time : 12pm-8pm
Venue : The malls mentioned above

  •  Lots of information in the website for people who wants to learn more about cervical cancer
  •  It is useful, interactive and user friendly

Don't worry if you missed the chance to pledge, you can directly go to the website and click PLEDGE to start. Then, upload a photo or immediately take it with your webcam. You are then one step closer towards breaking the Malaysia Book of Records!

Participate in this good cause for the protection of all women against cervical cancer. The more people know about this, the more women in Malaysia who can be better prepared against cervical cancer.

POCC Pink Bazaar & Auction @ Zouk KL
Date : 13 Nov 2010 (Sat)
Time : 12pm-5pm
Venue : Zouk KL


  • A platform to reach out to ladies in an intimate manner to spread awareness on cervical cancer prevention.
  • Stalls are open to all entrepreneurs, student groups, blogshops to register for a booth to sell their merchandise. Rental fee is RM150 and 50% will proceeds to National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM)

If you are interested and for more information, please do visit the website :

You can log on to the website and pledge via laptops stationed at the event!

About the auction :

  • Celebrities and influential ladies will be donating personal pink items for auction to raise funds.
  • Supporting partners will have booths selling merchandises at a special rate and partial of the income will proceeds to NCSM.
  • You can support as well, by contributing new/pre-loved items for sale at POCC Pink Stall. All sales will go to NCSM

Support the fight of cervical cancer in style. Shopping at special rate, learn about cervical cancer, pledge participation and one step closer to Malaysia Book of Records! All in one!

The Finale : Biggest Pink Party @ Zouk KL
Venue : Zouk KL
Date : March 2011
Time : 8pm-10pm

ALL photos collected will be put up together, printed out as a huge collage and displayed @ this event in attempt to get into Malaysia Book of Records!

  • 1,000 goodie bags will be given out
  • Zouk will contribute part of the ticket sales to society
  • Special performance by Celebrity Ambassadors
  • Introduction of our POCC Digital Ambassadors in catwalk fashion style

Please do visit POCC Website ( and be part of POCC Malaysia Facebook (

POCC Celebrity Ambassadors
- Genevieve Sambhi (1st runner up Miss Malaysia World & Miss Universe Malaysia)
- Pamela & Vanessa Chong (2nd runner up Amazing Race Asia Season 2)
- Rina Omar (TV host and producer)
- Sarinah Ibrahim (TV presenter, emcee, singer, model, actress)
- Serena C (Mix FM Music Marathon deejay)
- Siow Hui Mei (ASTRO host & Most Outstanding Malaysian Lady in media industry)

POCC Blogger Ambassadors
- Joe Lee (
- Joyce Kristen Wong (
- Niki Cheong (
- Yvonne Foong (
- Naomi Tham (
- Sara Khong (
- Shelby Koh (
- Sue Lynn *finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010* (


The BEST way you can pledge now is visit the website

Priceless, little efforts, little time, GREAT cause, GREAT difference. You can do it!

I had done the pledge. How about you?

Anyone that had pledged, do you mind to put up "I had pledged!" in Comment or ChatBox?


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