Tuesday, 2 November 2010

You think you know me?

I'm a Geminian
I'm even a cusps of Gemini & Cancer
Not only I have two personality as how they described the Twins in Gemini
I have part of Cancer

Why do I said that?
I was born that way

Just like how my blog actually confused readers

Getting comments from friends in my blog did made me realized even the closest people didn't know which part of me is real and which part is an imagination
70% of my life living in imaginary world
See me walking around, talking to you?
You're knowing 30% of me
No border that cross in between my reality and fantasy

Sounds like a movie trailer to you?
This is ain't no advertisement
This is the remaining 30% of me talking to you

So, do you think you know when was it when I'm real and when I was fantasy-ing?
Give it a guess

Psst.. What I written here might not be the 30% of me as well.. How does it goes?




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