Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Living my crazylife

Impacts JUST after 2 days in Obstetric and Gynaecology (O&G) posting
Impacts after a week plus of holidays

Life is dull with only 0.01% of excitement because the time I have on my study table all given to this monotonous blue-looking book here

Well, things change a bit when this lovely envelope reached me

Yes, time for some escape this coming Saturday. Escaping to Seremban!
Happy Birthday, girl

Meanwhile, it is almost lunch time
I'm craving for Starbucks coffee
I just had G'day vanilla latte as breakfast just now
Damn, I'm seriously addicted to coffee right now

I can't crave for this because I never tasted Baskin Robbins yet
I'm still eyeing for it
Want something SWEET...

Meanwhile, I miss Shabu Shabu a lot!

I want to go cinema!
I miss the cinema, ever since I was sent to Tanjong Karang for 8 weeks
Now I'm back residing KL, I want to go cinema!
Waiting to watch Harry Potter 7th movie Part 1
To see how much darker this movie compared to the previous one
How many miles they run more than the previous one
Witnessing that Lord Voldemort is the lousiest villain ever
(He has been trying to kill Harry since he was born until now, isn't that such a failure?)

Other than seeing how many miles Harry, Ron & Hermoine going to run in the movie this time
I miss jogging
I miss the track back in our complex in Tanjong Karang
I miss the free time I had to torture myself in long distance run which is not my forte at all
I miss making myself gasping for air but my legs just feel so comfortable keeping up the pace

I wish to have a spa treatment right now
Taking in the aroma of calmness
Taking away the stressful mind of my posting
Taking away the views of lecturer scolding us

I wish to pamper myself with branded cleanser range
Too bad, I don't earn any money and I don't have the money to spend on this
Wish to have something like Laneige (love the range)
My skin is suffering like hell these few weeks
From exams to late night sleep during the holidays and more coffee!

I want to have more sleep!

My teacher once told me girl has longer lifespan because they gossip a lot
Yeah, I want to be part of the Gossip Girl in HUKM version
Want to live longer

Halfway writing this post, I'm out to lunch with my housemates
Will be back!


All right, I'm out with my housemates, but coming back with Cadbury Zip Fruity Crunch
Trying to compensate my mind that wanted to have Starbucks coffee & Baskin Robbins so much
Hope it helps!

My guilty pleasure
Spend some of my off-study mood watching Every Move You Make

My table is so messy that I have books on the floor
Even my biscuits are on the floor!

Stressing about tomorrow ward round
Need to stuff some knowledge in my non-absorbent brain
Build more layers of wall on my face
before I got my professors' saliva all over me tomorrow morning

Well, life doesn't stop right there
Food can be thrown or eaten
Ice cream can be melt or lighten up life
Chocolate can be bitter or sweet
Mirror can be broke or reflect
This post can be just lame or very lame
Life still go on...

I'm still living my ♥crazylife



Philip Khor said...

that's quite a thick book i guess. how thick? haha

xing said...

wah enjoying ur life to the max huh... said...

i would say it is interesting post.. plus all the pictures..

lynn said...

what a nice and sweet blog u have...really enjoy viewing it..=D

WanWan said...

this is life.... more to go... best of luck.... enjoy la...

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

@Philip: It is thick but it is also the thinnest among all the books.. haha XD around 340 pages..

@Xing: haha.. enjoy life to max and crazyness to max as well

@Tikkoss: Thanks, I guess pictures are the best way to cover the flaw of being a very boring post..

@lynn: Thank you.. XD Glad you like it..

Vir Anthony Suazo Talaugon said...

woahh.. my eyes are captivated by the soft pink color of your blog.. I LOVE IT!! im a new follower, hope you'll follow back me too and ventually become friends.. :)

Xu Vin said...

ahahhaha WOW! read dumex 1st. its so much more enlightening cz its shorter hehehe.. i js came back from watching harry potter! WHEE! hope u enjoyed ur holiday today girl! :D

ken said...

i dont know whether i wanna watch HP or not.. not really a fan :)

Chuckie Cotton said...

let me guess, looks like toffee nut latte, but looks like cappucino with cinamon on top.

Philip Khor said...

@qiwen no wonder i'm still trying hard NOT to become a doctor.

bendan said...

Wow, a long post with pictures. Haha!! Anyhow, gonna take care of yourself so you can walk further, right??

Do pamper yourself with sweet stuff before carry on with your thick books and paper!!

GOod DAy. =]


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