Friday, 5 November 2010

It is not silly to miss someone

I think there is nothing to paranoid about missing somebody
Either secretly admiring someone, friends or family members
Never let yourself feel guilty missing anyone
Even if it is the wrong person
Or, somebody that you think you shouldn't be missing at all

It was kind of true when you think missing someone not worth is something silly
The answer is NO
Nothing is silly
If everything takes a day or a second to forget, I guess this world is pretty ignorant
Because you cannot forget anyone in just 24 hours

I have been listening to story from people with true happiness and people that was guilty of missing someone
It was like, yeah, I know that
I have been in BOTH position
What I was trying to tell here was, there is no BIG deal at all

I do believe in this chain email that was spamming everyone's mailbox
The one that filled with lots of romantic words that was so good to be true
That most people think it is a waste of time
But there is this one sentence that I believe it really happened
"Every night, there is someone that is missing you and you will be missing someone"
Ask yourself this question : Did I think of someone before I sleep?
Even if there is no intention to really make an effort to THINK of someone, I do believe someone cross your mind
Either it was the loved one or God

I guess even the least active people in Facebook knew that I was kind of emo lately
The factors? 
So many emo people surrounding me and I have my own emo situation
I'm handling it well, to date, nothing to be very paranoid about
Sometimes it is more paranoid when people just can't stop talking to you how emo they were repetitively
No blame here, well understood


To those who are missing each other mutually: 
Keep this magical event!

To those who are unsure whether the person that you missed were missing you at the same time:
You're just so sweet, who knows he/she missing you too

To those who are missing someone that you love but no longer possible:
Take your time, eventually it will go off, you will never know someone is missing you too

To those who are missing the past wonderful event:
You're a blessed child, my dear. It meant something wonderful happened in your life

To those who are missing someone that was not there for you anymore & be with God:
Smile & talk in your heart. The most sincere way of reaching out in this situation is all the talking in your heart

To those who are missing someone too late :
Appreciate the future, there are still spaces out there

I can't lie about this
Of course I miss someone right now
*with no guilt*
Just love how this feel

Don't you?



ken said...

meaningful writeup :)

izzatisohimi said...

really?hm......think i'm the 2nd one..To those who are unsure...haha,though i do feel a bout tis,haha

Hansley Liew said...

Really nice :)

Hansley Liew said...

really nice

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wow ! really nice , awesome and meaningful post ! i like it ! =D


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