Thursday, 4 November 2010

Before holidays..

I didn't know whether it was my problem or something else
I had a sense of unsatisfactory towards exam this time
It did not feel like how exams suppose to be

Set in the bubbles of my mind, exams were supposed to be hectic & brain exhaustion
It had a very "laggy" feel this time
Either it was because I was lazy or it was because Medicine & Community Health were the combination
Honestly I dislike having a break in the middle of the exam separating OBA paper & the KFQ
It gave a feeling that the time ticked so fast
Dislike the schedule as well, a very big gap in between theory paper & OSCE, which was good in the sense of more time to revise
Whereas, it was just a matter of waiting too long just for short OSCE

Well, putting aside the unusual feeling I had, of course it gave me a something new
Just an additional of 1 minute in our OSCE for every station
With near 30 stations during pre clinical year, there were only less than 10 stations in clinical excluding PPD

Speaking about Community Health a.k.a JKM
9 furious stations, 2 rest stations, 2 relieving PPD station
It was totally stunted by JKM station when more than half of the stations had 2 pages of questions plus calculations
Initially I was feeling really upset for not being able to finish my sentence in most my answers
I found out then that most people facing the same problems
PPD station this time was such a big relief for me, no standardized patient, only watching a video in the laptop
That was such a grateful BONUS, as I always have no idea how our PPD was assessed

Having Internal Medicine on the last day and the last group to go through was a torture
We just spent so much time waiting but we couldn't concentrate on what we were reading
I always had PPD-phobia & I wanted to get rid of it so badly
Guess no other cure other than placing me to start at the station next to PPD 
Which mean, while my group was rotating in the circuit of the OSCE, PPD station was my last
Surprisingly, we had more than enough time for Medicine paper even though we were given 5 minutes each station as well
What made it boring was 4 rest stations in between 5 Medicine stations
Alternating questions paper and resting time wasn't a good idea at all

In conclusion, we were the last batch to be breaking free
Soaring, flying, jumping, hopping!
Taking this chance to wish a great holidays ahead to all my coursemates out there!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Deepavali!

Till we meet again




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